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What are the standards for purchasing a laser cutting machine?

by:VENTECH     2022-02-23

In the actual selection process of the laser cutting machine, this equipment will have its own selection methods. In fact, from the existing selection schemes, most of my friends also hope that according to the actual situation To make effective choices, of course, there are more criteria when choosing, we might as well take a look together.

Criterion 1: Optional production range

Laser cutting is basically used in the production of some enterprises, and in the entire production process, Learn more about the production situation, so we must clarify the production scope of the entire enterprise, such as understanding their processing materials and cutting thickness, so as to decide to purchase the original equipment or quantity, and more Negatives make some simple preparations for the later procurement work. From the existing situation, look at the selection of this series of laser cutting machines. It is necessary to make effective choices in accordance with the needs of the enterprise.

Standard 2: The size of the power

After all, the laser cutting machine is a kind of equipment. In the whole selection, the final power must also be considered. To a certain extent Most of the metal plates that are cut in the factory are less than six millimeters. In this case, there is no need to buy some high-power cutting machines. A 500-watt laser cutting machine is enough to meet the original production needs. If the production volume is relatively large, the best choice for worrying that the efficiency of 500 watts is not as good as that of high-power laser cutting is to buy two or a series of small and medium-sized laser cutting machines. In this way, the overall cost control is also the same. It will be helpful to manufacturers, so everyone must have more understanding in this regard.

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