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What are the selection and processing steps of the sheet metal processing of the laser cutting machine?

by:VENTECH     2022-01-02

With the continuous development of sheet metal processing technology, it has its footprint everywhere, and it has now become the mainstream technology of the processing industry. Sheet metal processing technology, from selected materials to the use of finished products, each technology has undergone continuous development. What about the selection and processing steps of the sheet metal processing of the laser cutting machine? Today, our Hongte Laser Company introduces to you:

Sheet metal processing and rolling profiles, reliable quality, accurate size, smooth and smooth surface, low price, adopt The profile can also reduce welding and forming processing costs, has the advantages of high efficiency and low cost, so it is widely used in structural parts.

The sheet metal processing design has great flexibility and many advantages. The wall thickness of cold work parts can vary greatly, depending on the force and working conditions , Can choose different strength, different wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties of materials. Sheet metal processing improves the utilization rate of raw materials on the basis of ensuring its strength, so as to obtain more benefits.

The processing steps of the parts processed in the sheet metal workshop are the preliminary test of the product, the trial production of the product and the mass production of the product. During the trial production steps of product processing, it is necessary to communicate with customers in a timely manner, and after obtaining the evaluation of the corresponding processing, the product can be mass-produced.

In the sheet metal workshop, laser drilling generally uses pulsed lasers, which have high energy density and short time. It can process 1μm small holes, especially suitable for processing with certain Small holes with thin angles and materials are also suitable for processing deep small holes and tiny holes on parts with higher strength and hardness or brittle and softer materials.

Under the development of laser drilling technology, laser cutting machines have realized automated operation. The application in the sheet metal industry has changed the processing methods of traditional sheet metal technology and realized Unmanned operation greatly improves production efficiency, realizes full-automatic operation, and promotes the development of sheet metal economy. The punching effect is improved to a higher level, and the processing effect is remarkable.

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