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What are the reasons that affect the cutting quality of fiber laser cutting machine?

by:VENTECH     2022-03-03

  1. Image production. This is the important reason for its production. Precision, smooth lines and no jagged shapes, and used in the layout of the sheet metal processing material, the size is just right, the image is produced Precision affects the cutting quality of fiber laser cutting machine.

  2. The effect is different. According to the different materials, the different materials are set and used. For example, there are high-reflective materials and ordinary stainless steel and carbon steel. The cutting quality of the fiber laser cutting machine is different;

Fiber laser cutting machine

   3. Yes There is no blowing and there are reasons for blowing. When the fiber laser cutting machine is cutting, some materials need to be blown to achieve the desired results, and some materials are not used during production. It’s ok, but sometimes it’s necessary to adjust the blowing situation according to the material making to the desired situation.

  4. Because of the cutting speed, when cutting by fiber laser cutting machine, some materials are made slower and the production situation is good, but some are opposite. It needs to be faster.

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