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What are the principles and characteristics of co2 laser cutting machine?

by:VENTECH     2022-01-27

The co2 laser cutting machine is also called carbon dioxide laser cutting machine, which is a model that is widely used in the current market. In the current market, this model is mainly used in laser cutting of non-metallic materials. It is widely used in the processing of production and life.

The CO2 laser cutting machine is called a carbon dioxide laser cutting machine because it mainly uses a carbon dioxide laser as the main processing and emission principle. This kind of laser is a laser that only uses gas molecules. This model mainly uses carbon dioxide gas as the main gas processing core. With nitrogen and other gases as the core. The wavelength of the laser is approximately 10.6 microns. Stable performance is better, and energy conversion can reach 25%. It can achieve high-energy-rate light-transmitting gas. In the current Chinese market, we generally say that the CO2 laser cutting machine mainly refers to the CO2 glass tube laser, but in the daily life processing process, the CO2 laser is also called the radio frequency tube cutting machine, which is also called the metal tube laser cutting machine. . Compared with the two laser cutting machines, the glass tube laser cutting machine is not very stable during use, and the service life is relatively short. But in the current market, the low-cost glass tube laser cutting machine is more economical and occupies the main market in the current market.

In current use, the CO2 laser cutting machine is mainly used in non-metallic materials, such as cloth, acrylic or leather. There are also plastic and some glass products. These products are still much worse than fiber laser cutting machines for metal products such as steel products. So there is still a lot of difference in cutting metal.

This is a brief introduction about the carbon dioxide laser cutting machine. If you are interested in more, please pay attention to our official website. There are new information every day.

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