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What are the functions of the components of the fiber laser cutting machine?

by:VENTECH     2022-03-06

In the process of industrial development in recent years, a high-tech equipment is very important, and it can be said that it is inseparable from it. It is a fiber laser cutting machine. It has brought great changes to our lives and industries, etc., but we still have many people who don’t know it very well, so today we are here to introduce it to everyone What does its various parts do?

First of all, the most important part is the machine tool host. It is actually a working platform for our cutting. Our cutting work is done in This is done above, it can serve us in accordance with the movement of all aspects of our control system. The second is a source of our laser production, and the laser generator is also the device of the light source. Since the laser generator is mentioned, it is impossible to lack our external light path. The main function of this component is also very powerful. It is actually a mirror for refraction and reflection of the slap, which can change the direction of our laser. Change, so that we can make our processing process more flexible and diverse.

The numerical control system of the fiber laser cutting machine will not be lacking. Its main function is to play a control effect, which can control the frequency of the machine tool and our laser. Since our equipment is driven by electricity, we must have a stable power supply during the processing process. The function of this stable power supply is not only to provide power, but also to prevent interference from the external power grid, making our machinery and equipment more efficient Stable job. The last thing I want to tell you is our most important position. It is our forehead console. All our control of this device is here, so we need to be very clear about it before we can operate it. , Otherwise it may damage our equipment.

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