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What are the factors that determine how much a metal laser cutting machine is

by:VENTECH     2022-01-21

Why is the price of a metal laser cutting machine so high? What factors determine how much a metal laser cutting machine is? Laser cutting machines are now not only well-known by the majority of manufacturing companies, but I believe that the term will be heard more or less in the ears of ordinary people. The flexibility of the laser cutting machine will make the laser cutting very fast and efficient. These two points are enough to win a large market share for manufacturers, and the service life of the metal laser cutting machine is very long.

First, the laser generator itself is more expensive. Compared with the traditional YAG laser, the fiber laser used in the metal laser cutting machine is relatively expensive, which naturally leads to The processing of metal laser cutting equipment is unlikely to be cheap.

Secondly, the higher the power of the laser generator, the more expensive, and the laser cutting requires a high-power laser generator, so the cost of the laser cutting machine is very high Therefore, its price will be more expensive accordingly. Select the laser power of the metal laser cutting machine. According to the material and thickness to be cut, the effect of different brands of lasers may be different, but the ability to cut thickness is basically not different. First select the laser power.

Secondly, the cutting format of the machine. Choose the format that is sufficient, not the bigger the better. The larger the value, the higher the relative price, and the equipment's operating speed will also be slightly affected.

It should be noted that if there are high anti-metal materials (such as aluminum, brass, copper, gold, silver, etc.), you must understand clearly whether the laser is suitable for use In cutting high-reflection materials.

The price of metal laser cutting machine is so high that it is very reasonable. Manufacturers should not ignore the future development because of the immediate benefits. of. In fact, it makes sense that the laser cutting machine is expensive. Although it brings pressure to the purchase, comparing with other processing technologies, and looking at the future prospects of the laser cutting machine, you will find that the laser cutting machine is worth the money. What you buy is what you earn. The quotations of laser cutting machines of different models and parameters are also different. The factors affecting manufacturers are not only the parameters of the product itself, but also the manufacturers and regions.

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