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What are the details that cannot be ignored in the laser cutting machine?

by:VENTECH     2022-01-10

Fiber laser cutting machine is a kind of laser cutting machine using fiber laser generator as light source. Fiber laser is a newly developed new type of fiber laser. The laser energy density is high. It is concentrated on the surface of the workpiece. The workpiece is melted and vaporized in the ultra-fine focused light irradiation area, so that the light-emitting CNC mechanical system can realize the automatic non-contact processing. Cutting, fast speed and high precision.

However, fiber laser cutting machine is not omnipotent. No matter how perfect the equipment is, it will have its shortcomings. While we see its superior processing performance, we should also pay attention to its own limitations. Such as restrictions on the characteristics of the processed materials, strict processing specifications, etc., let's summarize the details of the laser cutting machine that cannot be ignored.

Details that cannot be ignored in laser cutting machines

Let’s first talk about the processing scope of fiber laser cutting machines. The fiber laser cutting machine was mainly used in the field of metal processing, so it was mainly used to cut metal, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, spring steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized steel plate, zinc plate, pickling plate, copper, Cutting of silver, gold, titanium and other metal plates and tubes. However, with the development of technology, non-metal cutting technologies such as plastics, composite materials and plexiglass have also matured.

Secondly, fiber laser cutting machine is not recommended for long-term cutting of rare metal materials such as aluminum and copper. Although the effect of processing these materials is not bad, because these materials are highly reflective materials (Note: The high reflection has little to do with the smoothness of the cut sheet surface, mainly because the wavelength range of the laser is not ideally absorbed by these materials, and the absorption effect is not good. Most of the energy is reflected back and the laser protective glasses are easily damaged.) The long-term effects of these materials may affect the results of subsequent processing and service life are not good, and will also increase the use of consumables. Finally, the cutting thickness of the fiber laser cutting machine will vary according to the power. The greater the power, the greater the cutting thickness. The thinner the metal material, the faster the cutting speed. The advantage of fiber laser cutting machine for sheet metal cutting is very obvious.

As for the processing specifications of the fiber laser cutting machine, because the current price of the fiber laser cutting machine in China is not very close to the people, the machine often needs maintenance and maintenance during the use process to extend the service life of the machine. Improve the working efficiency of the equipment to a certain extent. First, always check the steel belt. The steel belt plays a very important transmission role in the operation of the laser cutting machine, and the tension of the steel belt must be ensured during the operation of the equipment. Otherwise, once there is a problem in the operation, it is very likely to hurt people, and seriously even threaten the personal safety of the staff. The steel belt may seem like a small matter, but once a problem occurs, it will seriously affect safety in production. Second, because the laser cutting machine vaporizes the metal surface during cutting, the cutting machine and the internal surface often generate a lot of dust. We should often use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum to ensure that no impurities cause contamination between internal mechanical parts. Better maintain normal operation between parts to reduce wear between mechanical components. In addition, lubricate the racks, rails and many parts of the cutting machine from time to time to stabilize the accuracy of the gear unit in operation, so that the mechanical operation is always the normal running track, and the accuracy of cutting the workpiece is of course higher .

In the daily maintenance of the equipment, the purchase of the equipment and the replacement of parts must be strictly inspected, so as to fundamentally ensure the normal production of the machinery. At the same time, if any damaged parts are found to be replaced during the use of the machine, you should not ignore this problem with a fluke mind. This is a mechanical protection in itself, and it is also responsible for the safety of the operator. It can also ensure that the laser cutting machine is always ideal. The cutting effect.

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