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What are the characteristics and benefits of a laser cutting machine that cuts manganese steel plates?

by:VENTECH     2021-12-27

In the new year, at the beginning of our article, I wish you all a Happy New Year 2021. The manganese steel plate laser cutting machine is a professional and efficient CNC equipment for cutting manganese steel. Many customers will shop around when choosing equipment for cutting manganese steel. Three, but the awareness of laser cutting machines for manganese steel plates is not very high. What are the characteristics and benefits of the laser cutting machine for cutting manganese steel? Today, our Hongte Laser Company will introduce to you:

First of all, what kind of material is manganese steel?

Manganese steel is a kind of high-strength steel. If 2.5; mdash; 3.5% manganese is added to the steel, the low manganese steel made is as brittle as glass, and it breaks when it is knocked. . However, if more than 13% of manganese is added to make high manganese steel, it becomes both hard and tough. It has been widely used in metallurgy, mining, building materials, railways, electric power, coal and other mechanical equipment for a long time.

Laser cutting

So, for such a manganese steel material, is the laser cutting machine suitable for cutting? On the surface, manganese steel material is hard and high-strength, and traditional processing equipment is difficult to cut, but laser cutting machine ignores the hardness of the material, so laser cutting manganese steel is not difficult.

In general production, 10mm inner manganese steel plate is the most commonly used plate cutting machine. It is the latest upgraded exchange work platform laser cutting machine from Presex, and it is a 7-second high-speed machine tool. The interchange speed greatly improves the efficiency of loading and unloading. In addition, the fiber laser cutting machine adopts bilateral drive synchronous compensation technology to ensure high-speed operation while also ensuring processing accuracy. The entire structure is fully enclosed, and the machine tool is also annealed and forged from square steel, which is strong and durable!


1. The bilateral synchronous drive function of the high-end CNC system is stable and reliable.

2. The drive adopts gantry double-drive and double-motor drive, which has the characteristics of stable operation, fast dynamic response and high positioning speed, and the speed can be 70m/min.

3. The main body of the laser machine tool is tempered with traditional technology, splicing, welding, heat treatment, surface treatment, high-precision rail surface processing, every step is meticulous, high-quality machine bed through strict process, avoiding the high speed of laser equipment Vibration during operation.

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