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What are the advantages of CO2 laser cutting machine performance

by:VENTECH     2022-01-29

As the most popular laser cutting machine product in the market, co2 laser cutting machine not only has the stability of mechanical performance, but also has unparalleled superiority, the most critical cutting speed, cutting quality, and absolute advantages. Come today. Understand which aspects of the main advantages of the co2 cutting machine are reflected.

First, advanced cutting technology

Hongte The laser company has many years of experience in Ru0026D and design. During the design of the machine and the development of the software, it has done sufficient analysis and improvement, and has an in-depth understanding of materials and material processing characteristics. Among them, the software performance is continuously optimized, making Our machine can fully meet the high standards and high specifications of customers. In terms of section smoothness, half-cut effect, section welding edge, and dimensional accuracy, it can meet many high-demand cutting needs.

Second, high and stable cutting performance

The co2 laser cutting machine uses an extremely stable world-class laser, and the laser type selected is the best in the United States. Advanced original metal radio frequency laser source. 1524mm/s ultra-high-speed, ultra-accelerated long-term trouble-free operation. This means that except for human factors, there will be almost no system failures. During the production process, the production time is greatly reduced. , Reduce the scrap rate, reduce costs, increase production capacity, and fully meet the production requirements of major factories. The high stability of the cutting performance allows the co2 laser cutting machine to cooperate with the marble platform and Japanese precision screw even under long-term working pressure. , It will not even produce any vibration or other adverse effects.

Third, convenient mechanical operation

Laser engraving The cutting machine is well-known for its fully computerized control, user-friendly design, and optimal cost performance. Laser processing has no mechanical pressure on the workpiece, so the effect, accuracy and cutting speed of the cut product are very good. And it also has safe operation and maintenance. Simple and other features. It can work continuously for 24 hours. Now that the laser and computer technology are combined, the user can realize the laser engraving output and change the engraving at any time by designing on the computer. Sophisticated configuration and performance The superiority, coupled with the convenience of operation, makes the co2 laser cutting machine a special laser engraving and cutting machine for many colleges and universities. Among them, the Endeavour precision laser engraving machine has become the designated equipment for the National University Student Work Training National Competition.

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