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weld cleaner with tig welding machine

by:VENTECH     2020-03-02
I just came across an idea online and I think, I have to try it out.
I have to say that I am not a welder, just an amateur.
So don\'t be afraid to try it yourself. It worked well.
I think it would cost thousands of dollars for a legitimate machine.
You must have a welder if you are a welder.
So this tutorial can help a lot of people.
Projects that don\'t exceed half an hour can save you a lot of money.
Since I use a TIG welder, it is very simple to get the main body or support of the brush.
I use gas lenses for welding.
So there is no use of the normal collet body that comes with the welder.
To get a bigger whole, I cut off the front part.
I use one-way carbon fiber.
Don\'t be afraid of carbon fiber.
Even if you don\'t have it, the square is 20-30 eur/dollar.
So even if you buy the whole meter, you can make a few brushes, and if you throw the rest away, it\'s still cheaper than buying a machine or making a brush.
I stuffed them into the hole with some fiber.
I wrapped a layer around collet\'s body.
Fix the hole with some hot glue (
I don\'t know the best option because the process generates some heat, but this is where I need to improve with a new brush)
Outside, I tied the fibers with two zippers.
After putting the torch back together, it\'s time to make you a clean solution.
Commercial Solutions are expensive.
This is some kind of acid.
This means they are not very healthy.
However, you can find that the internet is very helpful for the processing of citric acid.
So actually I tried lemon juice and citric acid and you can get it at the grocery store in the baking department.
Cheap and harmless.
The effect of citric acid is better.
So I dissolved the acid in the water first.
Than connect your peace on the ground from your welder.
Don\'t forget to close your Argon bottle.
It will be a waste of gas.
And set your machine to 5-10 amp.
I turned off the high frequency boot.
Dip your new brush with acid and make it very wet and start brushing your weld.
You will see some sparks and some steam and welds become bright.
Make sure the weld is always wet, be gentle with a brush so that it doesn\'t stay in one place for too long.
The result is visible.
The first part of the welding is deliberately not cleaned up to see what is different.
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