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Walk in space and count the applications of laser cutting machines in the field

by:VENTECH     2022-02-15

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As the world's leading brand in cutting and welding technology, Farrelay focuses on high-power, high-end and intelligent laser equipment for the global market. Farilee combines laser welding technology with manufacturing technology. As a mature technology, it has become an important means of connecting with lightweight alloys. It plays a pivotal role in the connection between structural parts and some engine parts in modern manufacturing. .

DF3015Plus series CNC fiber laser cutting machine

DF3015Plus series CNC fiber laser cutting machine, the machine tool adopts the overall gantry structure, bilateral drive, synchronous high-speed exchange table, high-strength aluminum alloy beam, German numerical control system and precision linear guide rail and helical gear rack drive system. With integrated structure design, its floor space is smaller than similar models. The equipment has good overall rigidity and stable performance, which is a concentrated expression of high speed, high precision, high efficiency and high cost performance. Equipment details>>>

ContourDM series CNC laser cutting machine

ContourDM series CNC laser cutting machine adopts gantry structure, cast aluminum beam (fast dynamic response, 1G acceleration, ensuring sharp cutting quality), beam bilateral gear rack synchronous drive, reasonable structure design, rigidity The high precision requires flexible structure size, good flexibility and stability, compact structure, good rigidity, high control precision, high speed and stable operation. The single-axis running speed is up to 120m/min, and the compound speed is up to 165m/min or more. Equipment details>>>

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