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VENTECH Tour in Chengdu

VENTECH Tour in Chengdu


From July 31st to August 4th, 2021, our company VENTECH had an annual tour in the beautiful Chengdu.

On the afternoon of July 31st, we arrived in Chengdu. After a brief tour around the airport, we went back to the hotel for rest.

On the second day of our arrival in Chengdu, we visited the panda base. The panda is a lively and cute rare animal. It has black and white fur, and its round face is embedded with a pair of large black eye circles and small sparkling eyes. There are two fluffy ears on the top of the head, the limbs are black, the tail is very short, the body is round and chubby, and the appearance is very naive. The panda's appetite is very large, and it likes to eat fresh and tender bamboo leaves and bamboo shoots. In the panda base, we fully appreciated the elegance of our national treasures and gained precious memories.

On the morning of August 2nd, all the team members arrived at the designated place on time to gather and officially launched the "Crossing Emei" activity. According to the planned route, the trekking route is about 21.5KM, with up to ten thousand steps of stone stairs, and the trekking is estimated to be 8-9 hours. Facing the unknown challenges, everyone is full of anxiety.

The sun was scorching. We have been hiking from Wannian Temple to Leidongping for 9 hours. Sweat soaked our clothes and tiredness swept all over our bodies. Every step was a struggle between the body and the will. Lacking of exercise in spare time, this high-intensity mountain climbing is a very big challenge for most people. Every time we stepped up the stone ladder, we felt the weakness and trembling of our legs.

Looking up and seeing the endless stairs, it undoubtedly added a trace of fear to the soul. However, there was a saying in our ears that "behind this slope is a flat road", and we silently insisted depending on faith. Therefore, the teammates did not choose to turn back because of this fear. Instead, we cheered and encouraged each other and went hand in hand. Colleagues who had cold feet, with the encouragement of friends, kept on moving their twitching legs from time to time, and successfully reached our destination after more than 9 hours.

Like doing business, climbing a mountain is always breaking through, challenging the limit, and reaping rewards. If the team doesn't quit, and everyone doesn't give up on their own, then nothing will be impossible to overcome. Persevere and fight for it, victory will be just ahead.

Many people say that seeing the sunrise and the sea of clouds on the Golden Summit is luck.

But as a team that believes no pain no gain, I believe that everything is not only driven by luck, but also by inner belief and persistence. After 9 hours of high-intensity climbing the day before, at 4 o'clock on the morning of August 3rd, teammates who wanted to watch the sunrise got up and went on the road to chase the sunrise, walking in the dark, just to see the most beautiful sunrise .

Luck is always for those who are well prepared. This time we not only saw the beautiful sunrise, but also saw the rare Buddha's light, and we expressed our inner expectation to the Buddha's light. Although climbing the mountain is tiring, but with the support of the team, the persistence of the heart, the laughter along the way, the beautiful scenery along the road, and the final harvest, everything is not so difficult.

Some people say that climbing a mountain is like life, and everyone has their own difficulties and persistence. The suffering you had will always light up your way forward. Only by walking through that section of the road can you reap the scenery on that section of the road. You may not have strong personal ability to climb to the top, but you will have more confidence and persistence. No matter how difficult it is now, step by step, persist in not giving up, and strive to achieve the small goal in front of you. The sea is wide and the heart is unbounded, and the mountains are high and man-made peaks.

On the evening of August 4th, we took a flight back to the Shunde District Office. During our 5-day trip in Chengdu, we arranged a substantial and interesting activities, which brought us not only physical challenges, but also us spiritual wealth.



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