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VENTECH Pre-insulated Duct Cutting Machine

VENTECH Pre-insulated Duct Cutting Machine


VENTECH Pre-insulated Duct Cutting Machine

As we know, Pre-insulated duct is more and more widely used in ductwork projects. As a new material, it shares increasing market with the traditional GI ducting.

The pre-insulated duct board(PIR, Phenolic)is produced by mechanization machine, the surface is smooth and flat, which improves the efficiency of air conveying, and the air leakage rate is only 10% of that of the iron sheet air duct. No matter in the production, production, installation, or in the process of use, no substances harmful to the environment are produced, no rust, no mold, no dust accumulation, no dust and fibers of the glass fiber duct, no peculiar smell; low thermal conductivity, Excellent thermal insulation performance; good sound insulation and sound absorption performance, no noise generated when the iron air duct or galvanized air duct shrinks and expands. It is non-combustible, resistant, pressure resistant, fast construction, low cost, and has a service life of up to 20 years.


Based on the market demand, we develop VDCM machine. It is specially designed for PIR/Phenolic duct board cutting to meet the increasing need in ductwork project.

The machine is suitable for the fabrication of pre-insulated duct, PI duct, PIR duct, PU duct, phenolic foam duct, aluminum foil phenolic composite, fiberglass composite duct, ductwork, ventilation duct, pre insulated rigid polyiso duct, foil faced phenolic board, rigid Polyurethane foam, Polyurethane Insulation, rigid polyisocyanurate panel for HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and central air conditioning industry.

In January and February, we sell the Pre-insulated duct cutting machine to America and Saudi Arabia.

Middle East countries are widely using the pre-insulated duct material, instead of GI ducting. Meanwhile, more and more customers prefer to cut duct sheet by machine, not by manually.


VENTECH Pre-insulated duct sheet cutting machine is fully automatic and CNC machine.

Our R&D technical team invested more than 3 years in marketing research and innovating the technology. It is fully designed by VENTECH company. Besides, we upgrade software in year 2021 with technological breakthrough.

Our VENTECH software can do below jobs:

1.     Automatic Nesting several parts and different parts into duct sheet

The user just need to choose the duct part in the software library, input the duct size, and then the software will do calculation automatically.

2.     Automatic Set the cutting

When the user finish above step, the software will automatically copy the drawing to the machine, and machine will do the cut in 30 seconds. Advanced automatic computing capabilities and automation technologies eliminate the traditional labor-intensive work required to produce air duct panels, and no longer need to manually mark, create templates, or use Hand-held tool for cutting.

The duct cutter permits to obtain finished pieces for ducts in pre-insulated; no more hand operations and bending to do, the pieces obtained are ready to be glued. The standard machine is completed with a large quantity of accessories and devices dedicated to reduce the production time and generate the best quality of finished product.

All panels can be nested to maximize sheet usage and reduce material cost. A simple click of the mouse transforms the nested files directly to CNC Routing Machine ready for processing. Once the machine receives the program the components are then produced exactly to specification whether it is a simple "one off" or mass production. They cut straight and special parts from insulation panels, used in the fabrication of pre-insulated HVAC ductwork and duct & pipe insulation.


With a big working size 4000x1300mm, a phenolic foam board can be fully utilized. As a result, production efficiency has been greatly improved, material scrap has been reduced, and production costs have been saved for duct fabrication. It can cut different shapes in one time, such as elbow type, shoe type, Y type, reducer, etc.



- Increased Accuracy

- Reduced Material Waste

- Reduced Lead Times

- Reduced production cycle times.

- Any shape, curves angle or straight

- Complete Dust Removal


About technical support

We have a technical team to do online support and guide.
Firstly the machine will be finished commission before delivery. It is easy to install in your factory.
We provide operation and guide videos along with the machine, user can install it quickly and learn how to operate it.
If need online support, we can remote control the machine and do maintain.


Lastly, if you feel interested in this machine, welcome to contact our sales person!

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