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Velcro cutting machine, the beauty of laser cutting technology

by:VENTECH     2021-12-25

Velcro, also known as hook and loop fastener, is a kind of connection accessories, life It is widely used in textiles, shoes, hats, gloves, leather bags, sofas, cushions, ponchos, curtains, toys, sleeping bags, sports equipment, tents, electronic wires, chargers, display appliances, etc. It is a lightweight, convenient and low-cost connection material. The editor introduced today is a Velcro cutting equipment-Velcro laser cutting machine.

Velcro laser cutting machine, also known as carbon dioxide laser cutting machine, is a kind of application of laser beam irradiated to the surface of the Velcro to form a high temperature to achieve cutting Effect. The cutting edge is smooth and does not fray. Specific operation: Draw the shape to be cut or import the cutting figure on the computer, import it into the automatic cutting software of the device, make relevant settings, click start, and control the laser cutting machine to cut. The Velcro laser cutting machine can cut Velcro quickly and efficiently, with fast cutting speed and accurate shape. It can be used to cut various customized shapes to meet various needs.

Zhite Laser is a manufacturer of Velcro laser cutting machines, supplying a variety of models of laser cutting machines for clothing Velcro cutting. Meet the cutting requirements of various shapes and styles, and can also be cut with plastic, cloth, acrylic, rubber and other materials.

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