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Under the intelligent manufacturing revolution, how does the laser cutting machine industry sprint into the high-end market

by:VENTECH     2022-02-16

   In recent years, the competition around 'intelligence' has become increasingly fierce, and it is giving birth to a great change in the production method of the manufacturing industry. As a major manufacturing country, China has basically equipped the hardware conditions, but the rapid development in recent years has also caused some deep-seated problems accumulated by the industry. The competitiveness of domestic brands in the international market needs to be further strengthened. Laser cutting machines are widely used processing equipment in the industrial field. How to successfully transform and sprint into the high-end market is a question worth pondering.

   Actively adjust with environmental changes

   During the 'Thirteenth Five-Year Plan' period, major changes have taken place in the domestic and international environment and conditions for the development of the industry. It is faced with both significant strategic opportunities and severe challenges where many contradictions are superimposed on each other. On the one hand, the laser cutting machine industry is affected to a certain extent by downstream industries such as the cold steel industry; on the other hand, the innovation ability is not strong, and the innovation system with enterprises as the main body is not yet sound. The industry's high-end equipment and core technologies rely on imports. The labor cost is increasing day by day, and it is necessary to increase the degree of automation through the introduction and transformation of equipment and reduce the dependence on labor. The country’s favorable policies such as “One Belt One Road” and “Made in China 2025” have stimulated the development momentum of the laser industry. Chinese laser cutting machines may face more trade barriers, technical barriers, brand barriers and channel barriers when exporting. This requires that the domestic laser equipment manufacturing industry must accelerate the pace of structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading, and change the past 'porters' Extensive export model.

   Transition to intelligent and differentiated    improve product quality and stabilize product quality. First of all, ideological awareness should be improved; secondly, advanced manufacturing equipment is indispensable for quality improvement and stable quality; thirdly, there must be a high-quality product standard to improve quality. The standard is the product quality rule, and only high Standards can guide high-quality production. Fourth, the awareness of innovation to improve product quality must also be strengthened. If you want to become a powerful country, you can’t do without core technology, let alone without good products. If you want to improve your competitiveness in the international market, you must enhance your sense of innovation.

   establish a brand. Brand is one of the biggest weaknesses in the market competition in our country. Some of our products are made very well, but cannot sell at a good price. The reason is that the brand's reputation has not been established in the minds of consumers.

   pursues high efficiency and high added value. To be a business must be profitable so that it can develop sustainably. The improvement of production efficiency still depends on research and development.

   Improve the coordinated development mechanism of the industrial chain, and guide enterprises to transform to service-oriented manufacturing. In the past two years, Falilei has implemented the strategy of “manufacturing to high-end service-oriented manufacturing”, which is a successful example.

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