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u200bHow to buy the right brand manufacturer of laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-01-18

With the increasing requirements of the sheet metal processing industry, laser cutting machines have become the most popular processing method due to their flexible processing, high cutting efficiency, and high precision, making their applications more and more widespread. At present, with the expansion of the industry, laser cutting machine manufacturers are gradually increasing, brand price competition is also very fierce, and the market is chaotic. How to buy a suitable brand manufacturer of laser cutting machine in this mixed industry? Today, Hongte Laser will give you some reference standards.

1. Choose the right power according to your needs

Before purchasing equipment, the first thing to think about is what power equipment to buy. The most important factor in determining the power is based on the thickness of the processed material. The thicker the sheet, the more difficult it is to cut and the greater the power required. So in terms of the power of the laser cutting machine, which one is better?

The power is divided into three types: low power, medium power, and high power. Generally, the low power manufacturers on the market are the most concentrated, because of the mature technology and low threshold. In order to maximize profits, various manufacturers continue to simplify the configuration of laser cutting machines and cut corners in materials. Therefore, it is safest to choose a well-known laser cutting machine brand when choosing low power.

In addition to the high quality requirements of the equipment itself, the medium and high power laser cutting machines believe that the cutting process parameters are also a science, so manufacturers that can do medium and high power are much less than those with low power. After all, it is a technical job.

2. Choose the right price according to the affordability

When purchasing equipment, many customers will consider the capital investment and output ratio. Compared with the low-power laser cutting machine, it is more Power cutting efficiency must have great advantages, but the higher the power, the higher the price. Many customers want to choose high-power, but considering the financial capacity, they will hesitate.

Of course, in addition to the power of the laser cutting machine that affects the main price, other configurations will also have an impact, such as air compressors, dust collectors, and chillers. The configuration of different laser cutting machine manufacturers is also different, and the price will vary greatly.

So when choosing a laser cutting machine brand, considering the price, choosing a cost-effective laser cutting machine manufacturer is the best solution.

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