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u200bFully automatic fiber laser pipe cutting machine makes metal pipe cutting easier

by:VENTECH     2022-03-05

Metal pipes can be seen everywhere in life, such as tables, chairs, guardrails, fitness equipment and so on. According to different purposes, the pipe can be cut, beveled, engraved, drilled, etc. For simple cutting, you can choose plasma cutting, sawing, flame cutting, fiber laser cutting and other cutting methods, and if you need to perform bevel cutting, opening and other operations, among many cutting pipe equipment, the pipe laser cutting machine is perfect choose. YC-QG series automatic fiber laser tube cutting machine is a professional laser tube cutting machine independently developed by Wuhan Hongte Laser. This series is a fully automatic fiber laser tube cutting machine. YC-QG6516, YC-QG6522 and YC-QG6532 are three types of fiber laser pipe cutting machines in the YC-QG series. The pipe processing range (length * pipe diameter) is YC-QG6516 (6500mm*φ10-150mm and 6500mm*□10-110mm), YC-QG6522 (6500mm*φ20-210mm and 6500mm*□20-150mm), YC-QG6532 (6500mm*φ20-310mm and 500mm*□20-220mm). It meets the cutting length requirements of most pipes on the market.

The X and Y axis positioning accuracy of the fully automatic fiber laser pipe cutting machine can reach ±0.05/1000mm, and the X and Y axis repeat positioning accuracy can reach ±0.03mm. The positioning accuracy of A and B axis can reach ±30”, and the repeated positioning accuracy of A and B axis can reach ±10”. The positioning speed of the X and Y axes (linear) can reach 100m/min, and the rotational positioning speed can also reach 120m/min. The fiber laser cutting head is equipped with a capacitive sensor, which can automatically sense the shape of the part, with high sensing accuracy, and any graphics can be cut at will. The scope of pipe cutting covers pipes such as round pipes, square pipes, angle steels, channel steels, and metal materials such as carbon steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and titanium.

The CNC cutting system adopts Baichu FSCUT3000S, which is developed based on the Windows operating system and is a dedicated platform for laser cutting. It integrates a dedicated module for cutting control, and the operation is simple and quick to use. Coupled with professional pipe cutting programming software and intelligent handheld terminal equipment, full-time cutting and efficient cutting are realized, which effectively improves cutting efficiency and saves materials.

The YC-QG series automatic laser pipe cutting machine uses a servo proportional valve device system to control the air pressure of the auxiliary gas and the clamping force of the chuck with high precision, so as to achieve the best effect when cutting pipes. . The tube floating escrow device can always keep in contact with the tube when the tube is cut and fed and rotated. The supporting force is set according to the specifications of the pipe to ensure effective support and prevent the pipe from sagging during cutting, while reducing the swing of the pipe axis and improving the cutting accuracy.

Built-in cutting process parameter library, you can quickly set the processing technology according to the type of pipe to be cut, and you can also modify the cutting parameters on the interface according to the production requirements in real time. CCD pipe section automatic recognition system, without fear of mixing and feeding multiple pipes at the same time, can automatically prompt the type of pipe during laser cutting, automatically call the process library, and the operator can freely choose the processing program according to the prompt.

The automatic fiber laser pipe cutting machine has effectively replaced the traditional cutting method in terms of process, cost and profit. The future is here, YC-QG automatic fiber laser pipe cutting machine makes metal pipe cutting easier!

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