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Types of central air conditioning ventilation ducts (3)

Types of central air conditioning ventilation ducts (3)


3. Comparison of the performance of the three types of air ducts

3.8 Frictional resistance The inner wall of the composite glass fiber board wind pipe is made of glass cloth, and the surface roughness is 0.2mm, which is slightly larger than the measured value of the galvanized steel sheet. Compared with the galvanized sheet steel duct, it does not exceed 7% (including the increased resistance of the reinforced brace in the duct), and the resistance along the way in the general air conditioning system ventilation duct only accounts for about 10% of the local resistance (compared to the galvanized sheet duct The local resistance is basically the same), so the increased ventilation resistance of the glass fiber duct is less than 1% compared with the galvanized sheet steel duct, which has no obvious impact on the entire duct system and can basically be ignored. The frictional resistance of the inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic air duct is greater than that of the galvanized steel sheet air duct, which is close to the composite glass fiber board air duct.

  3.9 Fiberglass shielding ability of the air duct with glass fiber board The composite glass cloth on the inner wall of the air duct has the ability to shield the dispersion of fibers. When the wind speed in the tube is 15m/s, the fibers on the inner wall of the wind tube will not fall off, which fully meets the national health standards to ensure indoor air quality and environment.

   3.10 Service life Galvanized sheet steel duct: Poor moisture resistance, which reduces the overall service life of the duct. The service life is generally 5 to 10 years. Inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic duct: heavier, difficult to handle, and fragile, easy to be cracked and damaged by collision, and prone to permanent vertical deformation and settlement. The material is more fragile, cracked and peeled, and the phenomenon of the raw material ratio not meeting the standard will be more serious, thereby reducing the overall life of the air duct, which is generally 5 to 10 years. Composite glass fiber board duct: light weight, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, easy to disassemble, repair and change the pipeline, the life can be as long as 10 to 30 years.

4. Construction and installation

    Galvanized sheet steel duct: the duct is heavy, the production and installation cycle is long, and the change of the duct size and direction is time-consuming and laborious. The insulation layer is installed on-site after the air pipe is installed, and the process is cumbersome, and the insulation thickness at the air pipe flange is not easy to guarantee or there is no insulation. There should be enough space for the installation and operation of the insulation layer around the air duct, otherwise the uniformity of the insulation layer coverage will not be easy to guarantee due to insufficient installation clearance, and the appearance is not beautiful. Installing a muffler requires more space and increases the difficulty and workload of installation. Inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic duct: The pipe is bulky, difficult to handle, high in strength, but relatively fragile, and it is susceptible to collisions and cause cracks and breakage. The production and installation cycle is long, and the pipeline size and direction changes are time-consuming and time-consuming. The noise reduction and heat preservation are the same as the galvanized steel sheet. Composite glass fiber board duct: The pipe is light and the installation speed is fast. Because it integrates the pipe and the insulation layer, the installation procedure can be completed at one time, which is convenient for installation changes according to the site conditions or design during the installation process without affecting other processes Compared with other materials, it can save the operation space of the insulation layer, which can save the ceiling clearance of 150mm~200mm. The appearance is beautiful, and it is also suitable for surface installation. It can also be decorated with colorful paint to achieve harmony and unity with the surrounding environment. But because it is a non-rigid material, it should be handled with care to avoid man-made damage.

5. Market analysis

    Galvanized sheet steel duct: It is a traditional product with a wide range of uses and places of use. Its advantages and disadvantages have long been understood and recognized by the majority of users. Inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic air duct: It is a second new product. Because of its advantages of fire prevention, corrosion protection and noise insulation, it once seized most of the air duct market. Some of the deficiencies are understood, so that the market share of inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic air ducts is gradually shrinking. Composite glass fiber board air duct: It is a new product in recent years. Because it has a major change in the past It has been widely used in large-scale promotion and application in large cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. Under specific conditions and according to specific requirements, the fiberglass board can also be used as the lining of other pipes to make heat preservation and noise reduction galvanized steel sheet ducts or inorganic glass steel ducts.

    Based on the above analysis, it can be seen that in different places and according to different requirements, various types of air ducts will have their own uses. Due to these advantages of composite fiberglass board air duct, as it is gradually improved, it will show a huge advantage in the future market competition, especially in the occasions where space is tight and noise control is stricter, its advantages will be more prominent. It is believed that newer and better air ducts will continue to emerge with social development and technological progress.



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