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Tube laser cutting machines are everywhere in daily life

by:VENTECH     2021-12-29

Guardrail may be one of the neglected things in daily life and society. But when it comes to 'fenceIt turns out that the fence has been quietly guarding our surroundings; originally, guardrails can be seen everywhere in life.

There are many types and uses of guardrails. Among them, metal composite pipes such as stainless steel have been widely used in the field of guardrails due to their corrosion resistance, aging resistance, beautiful and firm advantages. Guardrails can be divided into highway guardrails, street guardrails, municipal guardrails, curved guardrails, Beijing style guardrails, landscape guardrails, anti-glare guardrails, stair guardrails, balcony guardrails, green guardrails, etc., and are widely used in villas, schools, hotels, and entertainment Places, traffic places, highways, etc.

In the guardrail industry, laser cutting pipes are processed more frequently, and various square and round pipes are often cut, drilled and welded. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose a processing equipment that can cut and punch holes. In the guardrail industry, in order to further improve the production efficiency of steel pipes, improve processing quality, and reduce material waste, steel pipe laser cutting machines have become the 'weapon' of various metal pipe manufacturers and a powerful 'umbrella' behind the guardrail.

Processing advantages of laser pipe cutting machine


Laser cutting does not need to make a mold, and any cutting shape is programmed by software , Users can control the production of short or medium versions without making a large number of templates. Manual operation, machine work, simple and convenient operation.


The laser pipe cutting machine is almost omnipotent. It can process any programmed regular tube shape, and the laser can finish cutting in any direction. Through computer programming, the shape of the template can be quickly changed to provide customers with personalized processing. The operator can also modify the design without affecting the entire production process.


Laser processing can make up for errors in the post-printing process. For example, the material may be stretched and deformed, and the laser can be adjusted according to these deformations, while the traditional template manufacturing method cannot.

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