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Tube laser cutting machine processes metal chess, making creativity a reality

by:VENTECH     2022-02-06

In the field of metal cutting, fiber laser cutting machines have gradually replaced traditional flame cutting, plasma cutting, water cutting and other traditional processing equipment with high speed, high efficiency and high quality, and have become the main tool for metal processing. These characteristics also make the more difficult and demanding metal processing a breeze, and the designers' whimsical ideas have turned from drawings into reality.

The following work is a good example, first guess what it is?

You can't guess just by looking at the picture, this is a chess set.

The chessboard is hand-cut and sewn by the designer with genuine leather and leather to create precise geometric patterns. Represented by the side (reverse side), which has a sharp contrast between vision and touch.

The 32 chess pieces are a ring cut by laser. The top of the ring uses different patterns cut by laser to distinguish the roles of the chess pieces. At the same time, the color difference between polishing and oxidation is used to distinguish Othello. The chess pieces can be directly put on the chess and card rolls sewn in cowhide, which is convenient to carry.

In the cutting process like this kind of ring, tube laser cutting machine has been widely used, making the realization of creative graphics easier and more efficient.

Application advantages of tube laser cutting machine

●The laser cutting effect is good, the laser cutting has no mechanical stress, and the heat-affected area is small, so it will not damage the shape of the processed article, and the processing effect is more refined.

●The automatic processing efficiency is high, the automatic tube laser cutting machine can realize the automatic loading and unloading of various shapes of tubes, and the high-speed and high-quality laser cutting of circular tubes, rectangular tubes, special-shaped tubes and other profiles is a breakthrough Due to the limitations of plane cutting, manual intervention is not required during production, and the processing efficiency is higher.

●Flexible, convenient and cost-saving. For different pipe shapes and different graphics requirements, you can quickly obtain the finished product by drawing the processing map on the computer, saving the conventional mold opening and production costs.

Hua Gong Laser LT series automatic tube laser cutting machine, high precision, high speed and high efficiency, is widely used in various types of tube processing, convenient loading and unloading methods, advanced chuck clamping system, ergonomic design, tube processing is just So simple.

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