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Tube laser cutting machine meets the diverse needs of tube processing

by:VENTECH     2021-12-28

With the rapid growth of metal pipe production and consumption in my country, the requirements for metal pipe cutting skills in various industries have become higher and higher. The pipe cutting process has also developed rapidly, and the pipe laser cutting machine was born to process pipes. Brings a new cutting process.

The tube laser cutting machine is a kind of equipment specially used for cutting tube materials. Since its inception, it has been widely praised by many customers, showing continuous improvement The development trend, behind the rapid recognition and application of tube laser cutting machines, is supported by the unique processing advantages of the equipment.

1. The tube laser cutting machine is probably the most flexible tube cutting equipment at present. It can almost meet all the cutting needs of customers. After the equipment is designed with the corresponding cutting program , You can use the laser to perform perfect cutting operations on metal pipes in multiple directions. Customer cutting requirements are diversified? Cutting equipment is difficult to meet customer needs? For tube laser cutting machines, all these problems can be solved by computer programming. The highly flexible cutting method of tube laser cutting machines is valued by customers. One of the advantages.

2, in terms of cutting accuracy, compared with traditional cutting such as flame cutting, plasma cutting, and water cutting Process, tube laser cutting machine is obviously much higher. For example, when traditional cutting equipment is cutting different metal pipes, the material may show slight expansion and contraction or burrs and slits, making the overall cutting effect unable to reach the best degree. However, the pipe laser cutting machine can be flexibly adjusted according to these factors. , It directly avoids the possibility of cutting defects in metal pipes, which is a height that many traditional cutting equipment can't reach.

The pipe fittings processed by the metal laser pipe cutting machine are of better quality. During the pipe cutting, opening, cutting and engraving of various materials, the section is smooth and free of burrs. , There is no heat-affected zone, there will be no deformation, the cutting efficiency is higher, the use cost is lower, and the cutting effect is better. All of these have a greater impact on the production methods of pipe processing enterprises. In order to balance efficiency, quality and price. Because the metal laser pipe cutting machine has many advantages and the cost is greatly reduced, many processing enterprises choose to use the metal laser pipe cutting machine. I would like to remind everyone here that when purchasing a metal laser pipe cutting machine, you should not blindly care about how much the laser pipe cutting machine costs, but should consider its processing capacity, processing range, and other aspects, so that you can choose To the metal laser pipe cutting machine that is suitable and easy to use.

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