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Thermal processing technology in sheet metal processing technology-laser cutting

by:VENTECH     2022-03-16

An automobile manufacturer must keep pace with the times with the development of modern technology. Sheet metal processing technology is a technology that must be equipped in automobile production. This technology is used in automobile body molding and other spare parts. It plays an important role in production and can be said to be the hub of the automobile manufacturing industry.

Nowadays, people’s living standards are getting higher and higher. The traditional pressure-type sheet metal processing technology used in automobile production can no longer satisfy some new automobile manufacturing. Many of the raw materials that must be used in manufacturing use these Many traditional contact-type pressure sheet metal processing technologies cannot effectively cut and bend and press. Even if some materials can be processed by this traditional technology, the speed is far from reaching the number of processing and cannot keep up with the production. Rhythm. So laser cutting processing technology began to be applied in the automobile manufacturing industry.

Cutting, grinding, bending and forming. Electroplating is an indispensable process for the production of automobile bodies. Now people's living standards are constantly improving. When choosing supplies, the requirements are getting higher and higher. Of course, the sheet metal materials for automobile bodies are not bad, but these Because high-quality sheet metal materials are of good quality, they are stronger in terms of hardness. Cutting is inevitable in the production of car bodies. So how to effectively cut these high-hardness sheet metal materials? Use ordinary traditional craftsmanship. It is impossible to cut in a while. Now we are all pursuing efficiency. Laser cutting thermal processing technology is the most effective sheet metal processing technology to improve efficiency. The high-density laser energy is used to cut and press sheet metal materials. , For laser is simply a breeze.

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