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The trend of lightweight cars is obvious: laser cutting takes advantage of the momentum

by:VENTECH     2022-02-15

The automobile manufacturing industry is a highly concentrated industry of high and new technology. As an advanced manufacturing method, the application of laser in the automobile manufacturing process is very important. With the increasing demand for lightweight automobiles, highly automated and highly flexible production systems have become popular, and the importance of laser cutting machines has gradually become more prominent.

Laser processing covers all application fields in the automobile manufacturing industry. The scope of application includes: automobile parts, automobile body, automobile door frame, automobile trunk, automobile roof cover and other aspects. In developed industrial countries such as Europe and the United States, 50%-70% of auto parts are processed by laser. Among them, laser cutting is one of the main laser applications. Laser cutting in the automotive industry includes flat sheet cutting and three-dimensional cutting.

Plane cutting

In the automotive industry, the amount of sheet metal cutting is very large, and the advantages of using a laser cutting machine are obvious:

●The cost of laser cutting is 80% of that of traditional cutting. If a large number of laser cutting is used in China instead of traditional die blanking, a lot of die manufacturing costs can be saved

● When cutting medium and small batches, large areas and complex contour shapes, the laser cutting machine is more flexible, meets individual needs, and shortens the cycle.

●Laser cutting is controlled by computer digital, which can accurately cut complex patterns, and it is easy to modify and have small errors.

●Laser cutting equipment has a large processing surface and can cut the entire board, which is not easy for other processing equipment.

●The dimensional accuracy and notch roughness standards of laser cutting exceed those of general mechanical cutting.

Three-dimensional cutting

The application of 3D laser cutting technology in the automobile manufacturing industry is mainly in the design and manufacture of automobile bodywork. It is widely used in the development of new models, the production of deformed cars, or the cutting of prototype car parts and body panels. Cutting holes, trimming, cutting steering wheel holes, windshields, roof cover brackets, etc. Compared with other cutting methods, 3D laser cutting also has the advantages of high flexibility, high efficiency, good precision, low pollution, low labor intensity and cost saving.

Three-dimensional laser cutting has a high degree of flexibility. Under normal circumstances, a set of molds can only be used for one process of one kind of workpiece, while three-dimensional laser cutting can be used for any process of any workpiece. When the workpiece product changes, such as surface, trimming and hole changes, you only need to change the offline program of laser cutting. Because the tooling fixture used is relatively simple, it is also convenient to change the tooling fixture.

At the same time, the 3D laser cutting machine can also solve the problems of hole cutting and trimming of some 3D metal forming parts, but its processing accuracy and production efficiency cannot meet the requirements of the automotive thermoforming line industry.



AUTOBOT3015 3D laser cutting machine for automobile thermoformed parts

At present, the laser cutting machine has achieved remarkable results in the improvement of efficiency and processing quality in domestic automobile manufacturing and automobile parts processing, and has achieved huge market effects.

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