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The 'three brothers' of domestically produced large airplanes gathered in the blue sky and the laser cutting in the chat

by:VENTECH     2022-02-18

'Peng Zhi moved to Nan Ming Ye, the water hit three thousand miles, and the swept upward 90 thousand miles.' Zhuangzi's imagination more than 2000 years ago has become a reality today. Recently, the large-scale amphibious aircraft 'Kunlong' AG600 was launched from Zhuhai Jinwan Airport, taxied and soared into the sky. After ten years of hard work, Yun 20, C919, AG600, the 'three brothers' of China's large aircraft finally gathered in the blue sky.

The domestically-made large aircraft family has covered transportation, civil aviation, and amphibious. The great eastern country is striding forward to become a powerful country. Behind the rapid development is the support of laser cutting technology.

Laser cutting of parts

A large number of typical aircraft parts now use special alloys such as aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, and high-temperature alloys. The structure and shape are complex, and the forming requirements are accurate. Hundreds of parts need laser cutting.

The introduction of high-power laser cutting machine processing technology solves the problem of cutting a number of difficult-to-process materials for engines, efficient processing of large-scale thin-walled parts group holes, high-precision cutting of parts blade holes, and processing of special surface parts, etc. Processing problems. It can improve the quality of processing, reduce the investment cost of molds, and shorten the production cycle. It is especially suitable for processing complex parts.

As early as 2009, the Contour DM CNC laser cutting machine manufactured by HG Laser won the bid for a laser cutting machine project purchased by an enterprise in Xi'an, breaking the monopoly of imported high-power laser cutting machines for special alloys and aircraft engines. The pattern in the field of parts processing indicates that the processing technology of localized high-power laser cutting machines has reached the international advanced level.

Laser cutting of housing

In the manufacture of equipment, the shell is made of special metal materials, which have high strength, high hardness and high temperature resistance. It is difficult to complete the processing of materials by ordinary cutting methods. Laser cutting is an efficient processing method. Laser cutting can be used to process aircraft skin, honeycomb structure, frame, wing bin, tail avoiding plate, helicopter main rotor, engine casing and flame tube, etc.

Many international engine companies use three-dimensional laser equipment to cut and perforate high-temperature alloy materials in the burner section; laser cutting of aluminum alloy materials or special materials for military and civilian use has also been successful , Especially in the research on the cracking and remelted layer of titanium alloy laser cutting.

Laser drilling

In addition, the laser drilling method, as one of the methods for hole processing in solid materials, has become a processing technology with specific applications.

In the 'Shenzhou VII' spacecraft, since the spacecraft will generate a lot of heat when flying in the atmosphere, many coatings are needed in the spacecraft to achieve heat insulation. To exhaust the air between the cladding layers, it is necessary to evenly distribute a lot of tiny holes on the cladding layer. For this application, the automatic laser hole cutting machine developed by Huagong Laser combined with its own thin material laser hole cutting patent has been applied Cut the hole on the cladding layer of Shenqi.

In the manufacturing industry, laser technology plays an increasingly important role. It can be said that the laser is used when a word is wrong. In the future, HG Laser will also cooperate with the Hamburg Laser Research Institute in the field of additive manufacturing (3D printing) to overcome key manufacturing technologies based on laser additive manufacturing in the field. Demonstration applications have been achieved in the development of high-performance engine engines, engine blades, large civil aircraft and satellite composite structures.

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