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The reason why the bilateral drive laser cutting machine is favored by sheet metal processing manufacturers

by:VENTECH     2022-02-18

Guide: Generally, the transmission mode of the gantry laser cutting machine is divided into rack and pinion bilateral drive and screw-nut pair single-drive transmission. Although the double-sided drive is more expensive than the single-sided drive, most of the sheet metal processing Manufacturers are more willing to choose a laser cutting machine driven by both sides. So, what is the advantage of bilateral drive than unilateral drive?

First of all, the machine tool adopts rack and pinion bilateral drive. The gear transmission is used to transmit the motion and power between any two shafts, and the transmission power is large.

Secondly, when the rack and pinion are driven on both sides, the life of the rack and pinion is longer than that of the screw nut, and the work is more stable and the reliability is higher.

Once again, when the double-sided gear rack is driven, the length of the rack can be connected infinitely, the machine format can be expanded to the maximum, and the whole machine has a higher degree of flexibility, which can meet the needs of different customers.

Finally, there are motors at both ends of the bilateral drive, which can accelerate and start faster in a short time and reach a maximum high-speed movement. The unilateral drive is driven by a motor to drive the screw rod. It is conceivable that under the premise of ensuring the synchronization of the two motors of the left and right guide rails, the double-sided drive starts faster than the single-sided drive in terms of idle speed, cutting speed and acceleration, and has a stronger driving force, which can give full play to the optical fiber. The high speed advantage of laser cutting machine.

To sum up, for sheet metal cutting manufacturers, it is also more efficient to purchase a laser cutting machine with a double-sided drive, which can obtain greater output returns in the same processing cycle, so the double-sided Driven laser cutting machines will be more popular.

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DF3015Plus Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

DF3015Plus gantry dual-drive mobile structure

Falilai DF3015Plus CNC fiber laser cutting machine adopts integral gantry structure machine tool, double-sided rack and pinion synchronous drive, beam adopts high-strength aluminum alloy, and is equipped with a patented transverse compensation mechanism, which is structurally stable and rigid Good, high dynamic response and other advantages, is the best choice for sheet metal cutting users.

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