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The reason why CO2 laser cutting machine is gradually replaced by fiber laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-01-29

Nowadays, laser equipment is changing with each passing day, and the pace of replacing old equipment with new equipment to become the new mainstream of the manufacturing industry is accelerating, such as fiber laser cutting machines instead of CO2 laser cutting machines. Why fiber laser cutting machine can replace CO2 laser cutting machine? Let's analyze it from three aspects.

The advantages of fiber laser cutting machine

One, Maintenance cost

CO2 laser cutting machine: the maintenance cost is high, the front mirror and the rear mirror are expensive, the life of the turbine bearing is short, and the replacement cost is high. Fiber laser cutting machine: maintenance-free, basically no consumables, and capable of handling harsh working environments, with a high tolerance for dust, shock, impact, humidity, and temperature.

Second, processing cost

The photoelectric conversion rate of CO2 laser cutting machine is much lower than that of fiber laser cutting machine, and Laser tube is a consumer product. Under the same power, fiber optic equipment can make better use of laser to create value. Therefore, the processing cost of optical fiber is lower. Of course, the purchase price of fiber optic equipment is higher than that of carbon dioxide equipment.

3. Technology

CO2 laser has complex structure, high maintenance cost, and is The beam has a large divergence and is not suitable for large-format processing. Although the cutting seam is relatively thin, the speed is very slow when processing thick plates. The laser features of fiber laser cutting machine are embodied in miniaturization, intensiveness, high brightness and high conversion rate. For thin plate processing, the cutting speed of fiber laser cutting machine with the same power is 2-3 times higher than that of CO2, and the cutting section is smooth.

The above is the reason why the CO2 laser cutting machine is gradually being eliminated, and the reason why the fiber laser cutting machine can quickly gain a foothold in the market and gradually replace the traditional cutting process is precisely because Its various advantages in technology provide the necessary process technology for the realization of product finishing.

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