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The price question of the automatic laser pipe cutting machine, the answer is here

by:VENTECH     2022-03-05

The automatic laser pipe cutting machine is currently a more flexible processing equipment in metal cutting. It can cut all kinds of metal pipes, including stainless steel, carbon steel, iron, copper, aluminum, and alloys. However, the processing capacity and speed performance of different materials are also different. Let's take the cutting of stainless steel as an example to tell you about the performance and price of the stainless steel automatic laser pipe cutting machine. Stainless steel pipes are relatively common in metal materials, and their applications are also very extensive. Generally speaking, the thickness within 1-3mm is relatively thin, and the laser automatic pipe cutting machine with a power of 500W can meet the cutting needs. The stainless steel within 6mm is considered to be a relatively medium-thick metal pipe, and mass production can be carried out with a power of 1000W-1500W, which is also very high in terms of efficiency. As for the stainless steel within the range of 10mm, it is relatively thick. It is recommended that the power be above 2000W for cutting. So, how much is a fully automatic laser pipe cutting machine? This issue is also a point of great concern to many customers. Regarding the price of the automatic laser pipe cutting machine, the price of equipment with different powers is also different. Of course, the quotations of different manufacturers are also different, and the equipment configuration is also different. Therefore, it is recommended that with regard to price issues, first understand the relevant detailed configuration, and then ask different manufacturers for comparison.

For the brand selection of automatic laser pipe cutting machine, it is recommended to choose a manufacturer with strong strength, many years of laser industry experience, and a well-known brand. Wuhan Hongte is a company that has accumulated more than 10 years of tube and sheet cutting machine research and development. Technology and application experience, is a well-known domestic tube laser cutting machine manufacturer. Newly launched a variety of metal tube laser automatic cutting machines, with high precision, high speed, high cost performance and other advantages, they are deeply loved by users, and friends are very welcome to inquire!

YCQG-6020 laser pipe cutting machine parameters

Product model YCQG-6020

Y axis stroke (mm) 250

Z axis Stroke (mm) 185

X-axis stroke (mm) 6600

Chuck holding diameter range (mm) φ20-φ220

Pipe processing length (mm) 6300

Chuck speed (RPM) 105

Rotation accuracy (mm) ≤0.05

Repeat positioning accuracy (mm) ≤0.03

Equipment size (length*width*height mm) 11500*6200*2550

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