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The practical advantages of laser cutting machine in the electrical industry

by:VENTECH     2022-01-07

In the electrical industry, metal laser cutting machines have a huge customer base. Both parts manufacturers and electrical product manufacturers will choose metal laser cutting machines to process metal materials. Metal laser cutting machines are currently popular in the metal processing industry. One of the ways is to improve the quality of processing and the grade of products in the manufacture of home appliances.

Laser cutting machines are mainly used in the electrical industry to cut thin steel plate parts in the appearance of sheet metal parts and the installation of complete sets of electrical components. Nowadays, many electrical appliances factories have adopted this new technology to improve product quality, reduce production costs, reduce labor intensity, improve traditional sheet metal processing technology, and receive better production benefits.

Current situation of sheet metal processing technology in electrical industry

Electrical appliances Among the products, the parts processed by sheet metal account for almost 30% of all product parts. The traditional cutting, corner cutting, opening and trimming processes are relatively backward, which directly affects product quality and production costs. The reasons for this are analyzed as follows:

1. Use traditional Punch processing requires a large number of molds. The parts of electrical products have many opening sizes and different shapes, especially single-piece and non-standard products. The high mold cost and long production cycle are not conducive to the production of single and non-standard parts.

2. Use a portable jig saw to make the hole, not only the quality of the cut is poor, the dimensional accuracy is not easy to control, but also the labor intensity is large, the noise is large, the production efficiency is low, and the saw blade is consumed many.

3. In recent years, some companies have introduced 'multi-station CNC punching machines' from abroad. Although this has replaced punch punching, it is expensive and noisy. There are joint marks on the surface, and the punch depends on foreign imports. Each multi-digit CNC punching machine needs at least sixteen punches, and the punches need to be replaced frequently, which is not economical.

The practical advantages of laser cutting machine application in the electrical industry

Laser cutting is a high-tech developed in recent decades , Compared with the traditional cutting process, it has the characteristics of higher cutting accuracy, lower roughness, higher material utilization and production efficiency, especially in the field of fine cutting, laser cutting machine has the traditional cutting incomparable The advantages. Laser cutting is a non-contact, high-speed, high-precision cutting method that focuses energy into a small space and uses high-density energy to perform non-contact, high-speed, and high-precision cutting.

In the electrical manufacturing process, there are many sheet metal parts and parts, and the shape is complex, the process is difficult, and a lot of tooling and molds are required in the process of processing. Ensure processing quality. At present, the penetration rate of laser cutting machine in the home appliance manufacturing industry is far from enough. However, with the development of modern technology, the traditional processing technology of the home appliance industry is constantly transforming and upgrading. Laser cutting is competitive in terms of improving processing quality or optimizing product appearance. Gradually, its importance has been gradually recognized by manufacturers. It can be concluded that the application of laser technology in the home appliance industry will become more and more extensive, and its development potential and market opportunities will be immeasurable.

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