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The metal model of the laser cutting machine allows you to travel in outer space

by:VENTECH     2022-02-09

There was an 'air leak' on the International Space Station. Astronauts used tape to fill the holes. Science fiction would not dare to write it like that.

At 7 o’clock in the evening on August 29th, US Eastern Time, the International Space Station (ISS) experienced an air leak. The air pressure inside the space station began to drop. However, because the situation was not serious, the flight controller allowed the crew to continue to sleep. They were not notified until it was time for them to wake up.

The cause of the air leak was found out. The Russian 'Soyuz MS-09' manned spacecraft had a hole with a diameter of about 2 mm. The Russian astronauts used a special sealant to fill the hole.

Recent investigations have shown that the loophole has already appeared on the earth, and the person responsible for the fault has been determined. Because the location of the loophole is in the living cabin, not in the return cabin, it will not affect the spacecraft's return to the earth.

This accident is a surprise in the end. Human beings have never stopped exploring the vast space. Every discovery and progress has given us a new understanding of this mysterious space. Space The spacecraft is one of the tools for mankind to explore space.

However, there are very few people who can take a spaceship. Smart businesses have come up with a good way-a model, a laser cutting machine, and a sheet of metal can help you travel in space. dream.

Disassemble the device into a plan view, use the computer to program and draw the dismantled plan view, and then import the graph into the laser cutting machine, use the laser cutting machine to cut the corresponding graph on the metal material, and then only need to A device model can be made by simply bending, folding, and assembling the cut components.

Because the model is spliced u200bu200bby hand, the machining accuracy and quality of the components are very important. The traditional processing method is not only easy to scratch the material, but also scratches the hand because the edge is not smooth, and the laser cutting machine adopts 'non-contact' flexible processing, the accuracy can reach within millimeters, and the material will not be crushed, and the cut is smooth. Burr, higher processing quality.

Therefore, in the metal crafts industry, the application range of laser cutting machines is becoming wider and wider. Smart manufacturers use laser cutting machines to enrich product designs, improve processing efficiency, reduce material costs, and shorten production cycles.

In response to the needs of the metal industrial products industry, HG Laser launched the MARVEL series fiber laser cutting machine, a sharp tool for metal processing. It is equipped with lasers, the core light source is independently manufactured, and 600 holes/min high-speed cutting meets 100% metal materials. Processing requirements, using digital design, the machine tool life is more than 10 years, continuous cutting for 127 hours in the test, the cutting quality is excellent.

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