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The laser machine manufacturer tells you how to maintain the laser cutting machine during use?

by:VENTECH     2022-02-24

The main components of the metal fiber laser cutting machine are the circuit system, the transmission system, the cooling system, the light source system, and the dust removal system. The main daily points that need to be protected are the cooling system (to ensure constant temperature), the dust removal system (to ensure dust removal), the light path system (to ensure the quality of the beam), and the transmission system (the main points need to be paid attention to to ensure normal operation). In addition, a good working environment and correct operating habits are also conducive to extending the service life of the equipment. So, how should the equipment be maintained during the operation period of the laser machine?

1. Cooling system maintenance

The water inside the water cooler needs to be replaced regularly, and the general replacement frequency is one week. The water quality and temperature of the circulating water directly affect the service life of the laser tube. It is recommended to use pure or distilled water and keep the water temperature below 35°C. If you don't change the water for a long time, it is easy to cause scale and then block the waterway, so you must change the water regularly.

Second, insist on dredging the water at any time. The cooling water is responsible for taking away the heat generated by the laser tube. The higher the water temperature, the lower the light output power (15-20℃ water temperature is better); when the water is cut off, the tube end will burst due to the heat in the laser cavity and even damage the laser power supply . Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the cooling water is dredged at any time. When the water pipe has a hard bend (dead bend) or falls, and the water pump fails, it is necessary to repair it in time to avoid power drop or even damage to the metal fiber laser cutting machine.

3. Dust removal system maintenance

The metal fiber laser cutting machine fan will accumulate a lot of dust after long-term use, which will affect the exhaust and deodorization effect, and noise will also occur. When the fan is found to have insufficient suction power and poor smoke exhaust, first turn off the power supply, remove the air inlet and outlet pipes on the fan, remove the dust inside, and then turn the fan upside down and flip the fan blades inside until it is clean. Then install the fan.

After the machine is operated for a period of time, a layer of dust will stick to the surface of the lens due to the working environment, and then the reflectivity of the reflective lens and the light transmittance of the lens will be reduced, which will affect the working power of the laser. At this time, use absorbent cotton dipped in ethanol to carefully scrub the intestines along the center of the lens to the margin. The lens should be gently scrubbed without damaging the surface coating; the scrubbing process should be handled with care to prevent it from falling; the concave surface must be kept facing downward when the lens assembly is assembled.

Four, transmission system maintenance

Metal fiber laser cutting machine will produce smoke and dust during the long-term cutting process. Small smoke and dust will enter the equipment through the dust cover, and then adhere to the rail rack. Long-term accumulation will increase the wear of the rail rack. Rack guide rails are relatively precise accessories. Large amounts of dust accumulate on the surface of guide rails and linear shafts for a long time, which has a great impact on the processing accuracy of the equipment, and will form corrosion points on the surface of the linear shafts of the guide rails, shortening the service life of the equipment. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal and stable operation of the equipment and ensure the processing quality of the products, it is necessary to carefully do the daily protection of the guide rails and linear shafts, and regularly perform dust removal and finishing. After sorting out the dust, grease the rack and lubricate the guide rail with lubricating oil. Each bearing should also be oiled regularly, so as to maintain sensitive driving, accurate machining, and extend the service life of the machine tool.

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