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The laser cutting machine processes 47 tons of steel sculptures and there is an Aston Martin on it. Cool!

by:VENTECH     2022-02-12

The giant steel sculpture processed by the laser cutting machine, coupled with an Aston Martin, how cool it is!

Every year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, there are thousands of racing enthusiasts who gather together to experience the latest, fastest, most unique and most expensive cars in the world, in the noisy crowds and spectacular Spend the weekend in a stunt show.

At this year’s Festival of Speed, a huge sculpture attracted everyone’s attention. The sculpture is about 31 meters high and supports an Aston Martin DBR1 antique racing car at one end to commemorate Aston. Martin and Goodwood have worked together for 70 years.

Such a giant sculpture, no matter where you stand in the venue, you cannot ignore it. The curved ring weighs 47 tons and is a hollow monocoque structure made of steel precisely processed by a metal laser cutting machine.

As a support for the car, the slender, lightweight, and tall structure of steel created by the laser cutting machine fully demonstrates cutting-edge design, engineering and manufacturing technology, like a white racetrack hanging in the air, and The dark green Aston Martin complements each other.

As a representative of advanced technology in the field of metal processing, metal laser cutting machines can not only process steel materials, but also stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum plates, galvanized plates, etc., which are commonly used in the industry, can be processed efficiently and ensure processing quality.

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