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The key technology of special laser cutting machine for pipe

by:VENTECH     2021-12-29

With the development of the industrial field, pipe cutting machines are widely used in aerospace, machinery manufacturing, agricultural machinery, sheet metal processing and other industries.

In practical applications, the shapes and sizes of pipes are different, so it is more important to choose pipe processing equipment, processing technology, etc. The combination of pipe cutting and laser cutting machine equipment can perfectly solve these problems. Here is an explanation of the key technologies of the laser cutting machine for pipes:

Self-centering electric chuck

Motor driven, stable performance, wide clamping range, large clamping force

Small chuck size, low rotational inertia, strong dynamic performance

It can process larger diameter pipes, the chuck rotation speed is higher, and the processing efficiency is improved.

BodorGenius auto focus laser head

The same laser head can quickly replace focusing lenses with different focal lengths to meet the requirements of cutting plates of different thicknesses.

The laser head focusing assembly is surrounded by water cooling around the whole circumference, realizing high power, small volume and long-term cutting without heating or fogging.

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