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The future development trend of my country's laser cutting industry

by:VENTECH     2022-01-15

  Domestic laser cutting machine companies have an absolute dominant position in the low-end market. This is not only due to the low price of domestic laser cutting machines, but more importantly, domestic companies in this field have rich manufacturing experience and reliable product quality. , While occupying a convenient location, can better provide after-sales service, so it is favored by the market.

   Although my country's laser cutting machine industry has achieved great development and progress, and even among them, there are products that rank among the world's forefront in output. However, it should be noted that my country's laser cutting machine industry is still not strong enough. Industrial value-added and labor productivity are still relatively low, high-level production capacity is still insufficient, low-level production capacity is surplus, technological innovation capabilities are still weak, and product technology content and product value-added are low.

   In the past ten years, relying on the rapid development of domestic laser cutting machines, the laser cutting machine industry has won relatively loose The favorable market environment has made considerable progress. However, as the manufacturing industry shifts to the high-tech direction, the space in the low-end market of the domestic laser cutting machine industry will be greatly compressed.

   While the growth rate of high value-added products will continue to increase production, profits will increase significantly, and future industry competition will inevitably shift to the high-end market. Therefore, more and more companies have begun to realize that China's laser cutting machine industry, while sticking to the low-end field, should expand in the development and manufacturing of high-end products instead of relying more on imported equipment.

  Technological innovation and product promotion are also a way of transformation and upgrading. In addition, companies can also achieve their own transformation and upgrading by changing their business models, sales services to operators and innovative services to consumers, and strive to take the initiative in the 'shuffle' of the entire industry.

  Innovation itself is a kind of culture, especially when independent innovation becomes the main driving force of an industry, the development of the industry has continuous driving force. The competition in the laser cutting machine industry is cultural competition. One of the most critical issues surrounding independent innovation is respect for knowledge, respect for talents, and respect for knowledge products.

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