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The development trend of laser cutting machine in the automotive sheet metal industry

by:VENTECH     2022-02-11

Guide: In recent years, the position and weight of the sheet metal industry in the market has become more and more important. Almost all metal manufacturing industries will use sheet metal processing. At present, my country’s CNC laser cutting technology has begun to take shape. Advanced laser cutting, in conjunction with the application and assistance of sheet metal processing, will become the key to improving the overall technological level of the domestic automotive industry. Laser cutting technology is accompanied by the sheet metal industry. With development and development, the manufacturing of auto parts and the forming and manufacturing of auto bodies are the focus of laser cutting applications. Now the new technologies and new processes of laser cutting and sheet metal processing have become the magic weapon for manufacturers to win.

FARLEY·LASERLAB three-dimensional fiber laser cutting machine

Laser cutting has good cutting effect and precision, and it is very simple to operate. It also has more obvious advantages than machine cutting, such as fast cutting speed, narrow cutting seam, high cut smoothness, With features such as small deformation, small heat-affected zone, and high efficiency, cutting is now not only limited to two-dimensional plane cutting, but more toward three-dimensional cutting.

The fiber laser cutting machine is an advancement standing on the shoulders of giants. It first began to rise in developed countries abroad, driving the rapid development of its related manufacturing industries. China has begun to catch up in recent years, and it has achieved a catch-up in the field of fiber laser cutting machines. This achievement has enabled China to shorten the gap between high-end manufacturing and foreign high-end equipment manufacturing, and may even make China's high-end equipment manufacturing catch up with the pace of foreign high-end equipment manufacturing technology. Fiber laser cutting machines help China's manufacturing industry to achieve leapfrog development. Fiber laser cutting machines have become popular in the field of automotive sheet metal processing in recent years. As a major force in the automotive sheet metal industry, the laser cutting industry has continued to develop with the continuous development of fiber laser cutting machine technology. Create unlimited vitality.

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