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the development of high frequency welded pipe forming technology

by:VENTECH     2020-03-08
According to the time and forming method, the forming technology of high frequency welded pipe has three stages, namely the early roll bending forming technology, Cage forming technology and FFX forming technology (
Excellent flexible forming. 1.
Roll bending technology adopts two
A high level frame for coarse and fine dies, and some vertical scroll frames are set between horizontal frames.
For welded pipes with large size, in order to improve the deformation quality and reduce the speed difference, the roller adopts a combination roller.
Due to the few space constraints and large adaptability of the equipment, thin-walled welded pipe welding can be produced, and it is also suitable for thick-walled welded pipe production.
Roller bending technology has a long time of use.
However, for the production of welded pipes of each size, a set of rollers is needed, so the more specifications of welded pipes, the more rollers, and the more costs.
In the absence of a quick roller change device, the roller change time is longer, and it usually takes 1 ~ The time of level 2 reduces the production efficiency and increases the cost of the product.
Therefore, it does not adapt to the production of small batches and multiple welded pipes. 2.
Cage forming technology needle-to-roll bending technology has problems. In order to reduce the number of rollers in the roll bending forming machine, reduce the cost and shorten the roll changing time, for the first time, Torrance company in the United States introduced the blank shape of the roller forming machine, using a part of the cage forming technology that uses ordinary roller forming.
By the end of 60 s, Yoder company in the United States made improvements because the equipment was not perfect and it was difficult to adjust the rollers.
By that time, Cage technology was just used in the diameter production of welded pipe.
With the passage of time, through the continuous development, the equipment structure has become more perfect. By the later stage of 70 s, the use of cage technology has gradually expanded to the small-diameter welded pipe. 3.
FFX forming technology was developed in the 1990 s.
According to more than 10 years of design and manufacturing experience and more than 20 sets of FF forming processes, designers conduct scientific system analysis of straight seam forming technology and various roller sleeve forming technologies, reasonable forming theory has been established.
It inherits a part of FF forming technology, but it is completely different from FF forming technology. Referring to the roll forming deformation distribution features of large deformation, through a reasonable forming method, it overcomes the shortcomings of the number of roller bending forming rollers and the long time of changing rollers.
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