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The development of automation of laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-03-15
1. With the development of high-power lasers and the use of high-performance CNC and servo systems, the use of high-power laser cutting can achieve high processing speeds, while reducing the heat-affected zone and thermal distortion; the thickness of the material that can be cut is also To further improve, high-power lasers can generate high-power lasers from low-power lasers by using Q-switching or loading pulse waves.

2. Laser cutting will develop in a highly automated and intelligent direction. CAD/CAPP/CAM and artificial intelligence will be applied to laser cutting to develop a highly automated multifunctional laser processing system.

3. Introduction to the laser engraving machine equipment room. According to the processing speed, the laser power and laser mode can be adaptively controlled or the process database and expert adaptive control system can be established to generally improve the performance of the laser cutting machine. The database is the core of the system and is oriented to general use. The CAPP development tool is used to analyze various data involved in the process design of the laser cutting machine and establish a suitable database structure.

4. According to the influence of the process parameters of the laser cutting machine, improve the processing technology, such as: increase the blowing force of the auxiliary gas on the cutting slag; add a slag-forming agent to improve the fluidity of the melt; increase auxiliary energy and improve energy Coupling between; and switch to laser cutting with higher absorptivity.
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