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The daily maintenance requirements of the spindle of the CNC cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-03-11

Maintenance of CNC cutting machine machine tools is a necessary means to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Taking into account the current domestic processing environment and the quality of the operators in related industries, the scheduled maintenance of the equipment is more important. The manufacturing experience of the CNC cutting machine summarizes the details of maintenance, especially tidying up.

The main shaft component is an important part of the mechanical component of the drill attack center. It is mainly composed of the main shaft, the bearing, the quasi-stop installation of the main shaft, the automatic clamping and the chip removal device.

The lubrication, cooling and sealing of the spindle components of the CNC sawing machine are several issues that should be paid attention to during the use and maintenance of the sawing machine.

First of all, a good lubrication effect can reduce the operating temperature of the bearing and prolong its life. Therefore, attention should be paid in operation and use: 1. At low speed, oil circulation lubrication; 2. At high speed, oil mist and oil-air lubrication. However, when grease lubrication is used, the sealing amount of the spindle bearing is usually 10% of the bearing space volume, and it should not be filled at will. Too much grease will aggravate the heating of the spindle. Regarding the oil cycle lubrication, check the spindle lubrication constant temperature tank every day during operation to see if the oil quantity is sufficient. If the oil quantity is insufficient, add lubricating oil immediately and check whether the lubricating oil temperature range is appropriate.

In order to ensure good lubrication of the main shaft of the four-axis machining center, reduce friction and heat, and at the same time can take away the heat of the main shaft assembly of the machining center, a circulating lubrication system is usually used, and a hydraulic pump is used for strong oil lubrication. Use the oil temperature controller to control the oil temperature of the oil tank. The spindle bearing of advanced CNC sawing machine is lubricated by advanced grease sealing method, and it can be used for 7~10 years every time the grease is added. These new lubrication and cooling methods not only reduce the temperature rise of the bearing, but also reduce the temperature difference between the inner and outer rings of the bearing, and ensure that the thermal deformation of the spindle is small.

Common spindle lubrication methods include CNC milling machine spindle prices, oil-air lubrication methods are similar to oil-mist lubrication methods, but the oil-mist lubrication method is continuous supply of oil mist, CNC milling machine spindles, oil mist lubrication regularly and quantitatively Feed into the bearing gap to achieve oil mist lubrication. The lubrication method is to inject a large flow of constant temperature oil (3~4L/min for each bearing) into the main bearing to achieve the purpose of lubrication and cooling. The large flow of oil sprayed here must be forcedly discharged by a discharge pump, and the machine tool spindle manufacturer does not return naturally. At the same time, a dedicated large-capacity high-precision constant temperature tank is used, and the oil temperature change is controlled at 0.5°C.

Second, the cooling of electric spindle components is mainly to reduce bearing heating and effectively control the heat source.

Thirdly, the seal of the spindle components must not only prevent dust, debris and entering the spindle components, but also prevent the leakage of lubricating oil. The sealing of machine tool components includes contact and non-contact seals. For contact seals using felt rings and oil-resistant rubber seals, the electric spindle should pay attention to checking the aging and damaged non-contact seals. In order to prevent leakage, the precision electric spindle should drain the oil as soon as possible to ensure the smoothness of the oil hole.

The sealing structure of the front support of the spindle.

To sum up, in the use and maintenance of CNC plasma cutting machine tools, we must attach great importance to the lubrication, cooling and sealing of machine tool parts, and carefully do this work.

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