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The artistic journey of laser cutting and stainless steel plate

by:VENTECH     2022-02-14

In today's society, people pay more and more attention to high-tech. No matter where you go, you can see all kinds of high-tech products.

If you are a person who is very interested in high technology, then you have to take a look at a very peculiar installation art with your own eyes. With the cooperation of laser cutting technology and the artist’s rich creativity, it is hard The steel plate can also be transformed into a piece of exquisite works of art, lighting up every corner of life.

American Mikyoung Kim completed a series of landscape lighting designs in front of the Ocean County Public Library in New Jersey. This landscape lamp made of laser-cut stainless steel and glass uses bar code patterns to express the spread of information in the digital age. Groups of five lamps are wrapped in steel cut by laser. They can reflect light and emit light from the inside, changing from day to night.

In addition, the designer's other works also use the complicated structure of the steel plate, combined with the transmission path of the light source, to create a piece of art, so that people can't help but focus on the center of the landscape light. Its light.

In fact, laser cutting has been widely used in sheet metal processing and metal processing. In life, there are many artworks that have been processed by laser cutting skillfully. Compared with the traditional cutting process, laser cutting has high efficiency, high energy density and flexibility. Whether in terms of accuracy, speed or efficiency, it is the best choice in the metal material cutting industry. This also makes the application range of laser cutting more and more. widely. Whether it is a smart animal shape, or heavy stainless steel or carbon steel, it can be processed by a laser cutting machine to give it a new luster.

In the field of metal laser processing, HG Laser focuses on the Ru0026D and production of laser cutting machines. A series of high-precision laser cutting machines has been successfully applied to the market and brought great benefits to customers. A good reputation. Recently, in response to the demand for equipment upgrades in the metal processing field, HG Laser launched a new product MARVEL6000 series fiber laser cutting machine, mastering the core light source technology, effectively reducing equipment procurement and maintenance costs, while covering 100% of the metal material blanking demand, adding modules It can be expanded to 8000W and 10000W to provide a comprehensive solution for metal processing.

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