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The advantages and disadvantages of phenolic double-sided color steel composite air duct

The advantages and disadvantages of phenolic double-sided color steel composite air duct


The advantages and disadvantages of phenolic double-sided color steel composite air duct


1. Effectively reduce noise:

According to the theory and technology of micro-perforated plate noise reduction, the composite board adopts laser micro-piercing technology to effectively reduce noise and can directly replace the muffler. The vibration and echo are absorbed by the embossed aluminum foil and polyurethane foam, completely eliminating the traditional iron sheet air duct during operation The phenomenon of resonance and its "boom, boom" noise.

2. One duct has three effects:

The air duct, thermal insulation and sound-absorbing materials are combined into one, and there is no need for secondary thermal insulation processing, thereby improving the construction efficiency and saving the waste of building space caused by the secondary construction.

3. Shorten the construction period:

Due to the light, integrated design and mature construction technology, the construction period can be shortened to about 1/5 compared with the iron sheet air duct, which can shorten the construction period. 

The phenolic aluminum foil composite air duct is very light in weight, and it is easier and faster to install than traditional air ducts. When the air duct is hoisted, the required hanger is simple, the number is small, and there is almost no need for machinery. The production is simple and convenient, completely breaking through the traditional craftsmanship, greatly shortening the construction period, and on-site modification is also very convenient. According to on-site calculations, each worker can install 20.0~30.0 m2 per day when installing the phenolic aluminum foil composite air duct, while the traditional air duct is only 4.0~5.0 m2/day/person. Compared with the traditional air duct manufacturing, the production efficiency of phenolic aluminum foil composite air duct is increased by 4 to 5 times.

4. Beautiful, suitable for surface installation. 

Phenolic aluminum foil composite air duct can be made into various colors, beautiful, especially suitable for surface installation. The surface of the traditional air duct needs to be wrapped with aluminum foil on site, so the effect of surface installation is not very good.

5. Lightweight and simple:

It is 1/3 of the average weight of the traditional iron sheet air duct, which greatly reduces the weight of the finished pipe, thereby effectively reducing the building load and reducing the labor intensity of construction.

6. No air leakage, no cold bridge:

Compared with the connection method of the iron sheet air duct, this product is bonded with polyurethane foam glue that is homologous to the board core. All the gaps are filled with polyurethane foam, and it is impossible to cause air leakage. There is also a special broken bridge heat insulation method. Lan can effectively prevent the occurrence of cold bridge phenomenon.

7. Energy saving and heat preservation:

The thermal conductivity of this product is only 0.020w/mk. Compared with glass wool of 0.047w/mk, the thermal insulation effect of the same thickness is more than twice.

8. Environmentally friendly design:

Polyurethane sheet does not contain harmful substances such as freon and formaldehyde, while glass wool contains carcinogens, which causes itching, redness and other symptoms on the skin.

9. Maintenance-free and long life:

The anti-corrosion, acid and alkali-resistant treatment of the board ensures a service life of up to 20 years, eliminating the cost of frequent maintenance.

10. Wide range of application:

Galvanized steel ducts are widely used, but the service life is low in high humidity environments. The use of FRP ducts in hospitals, food processing plants, basements and other places with dust-proof requirements and high humidity is also limited, while phenolic aluminum foil composite ducts can be widely used. It is suitable for industrial and civil buildings, hotels, hospitals, office buildings and other places with special requirements.

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