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Teflon film laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-02-05

Polytetrafluoroethylene membrane, referred to as ePTFE, is a kind of high molecular polymer made by polymerizing tetrafluoroethylene as monomer. Because of its resistance to liquid penetration, biocompatibility, low dielectric constant, etc., it is suitable for various A valuable material for harsh environments. From medical devices implanted in the human body, to clothing worn on the Everest expedition, to cables that transmit signals from outer space, ePTFE products can provide good performance and reliability, and can meet the expectations of customers and the needs of end users. So it is very popular in all walks of life.

When used for filtration and separation, it usually exists as a membrane, that is, PTFE membrane is used as a mobile phone receiver, electronic Cases, power plants, disk drive filters, pharmaceutical and chemical processing, pulp and paper, metal processing, chlor-alkali, etc. However, how is PTFE material cut during the production process? The editor today takes everyone to understand the following. Common polytetrafluoroethylene is in the form of membranes or sealants, gaskets, clothing fabrics, etc. The traditional cutting methods usually use grinding wheel cutters, blade cutters, etc., and the editor today introduces a new cutting method— Teflon laser cutting process.

The laser cutting machine is a non-contact cutting method, which has no stress on the surface of the material, and the cutting accuracy is better than knife cutting and grinding wheel cutting. High, high cutting efficiency, smooth and flat edges, suitable for cutting various special-shaped shapes. The cutting accuracy of PTFE film can reach 0.02mm. It is especially suitable for the electronic industry, medical industry and aerospace and other industries that require high precision.

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Model Features:

Equipped with servo motor and screw drive to ensure the accuracy of machine operation

Equipped with imported radio frequency tube to ensure stable light source quality and long life

Mixed marble platform, cast iron Site, reduce the shaking error generated when the machine is running

It is equipped with a modular guide rail device, which has higher precision than general guide rails

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