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Teach you several major use skills of laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-01-15
Teach you several major use skills of laser cutting machine

Teach you some tips for using laser cutting machine

1. The protective lens inside the laser cutting head is checked once a day. When the collimator or focusing lens needs to be disassembled, record the disassembly process, pay special attention to the installation direction of the lens, and don’t install it wrongly;

2. Before turning on the power of the water chiller, check the water level of the water chiller. It is strictly forbidden to turn on the water chiller when there is no water or the water level is too low to avoid damage to the water cooling equipment. It is strictly forbidden to squeeze and step on the water inlet and outlet pipes of the water cooler to keep the waterway unblocked;

3. The operator of the laser processing machine or the person approaching the laser during laser use should wear appropriate laser protective goggles and protective clothing. Indoor lighting to ensure the smooth operation of the operator;

4. When using gas cylinders, avoid crushing electric wires, water pipes and air pipes to avoid electric leakage, water leakage and air leakage. The use and transportation of gas cylinders shall comply with gas cylinder supervision regulations. It is forbidden to explode the gas cylinder in the sun or close to a heat source. When opening the bottle valve, the operator must stand on the side of the bottle mouth;

5. Routine maintenance must be carried out, regular statistics on the use of the machine, and regular records of each part of the fiber laser cutting machine, if the effect is not good, replace it in time to prevent problems before they happen; If it is parked for a long time, please apply butter on the moving parts of the machine tool and wrap it with anti-embroidery paper. For other parts, check whether there is rust phenomenon, and perform rust removal and anti-rust treatment on the rusty parts (if possible A dust cover can be added outside), and the machine tool should be cleaned and inspected regularly.

Daily maintenance:

Be sure to pay attention to the daily maintenance of the machine, so that the machine can create greater benefits for you.

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