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Talking about the views on the laser cutting machine industry

by:VENTECH     2022-01-12

The laser cutting machine industry has developed very fast in recent years. From the initial YAG equipment and CO2 equipment to the current optical fiber, from the low-power optical fiber to the current 10,000-watt optical fiber, this shows that our laser technology is continuously improving, and the price of laser cutting equipment is now compared with previous years. It is much cheaper. This is a very happy thing for friends who want to buy equipment. No matter what industry, they can afford lasers and use lasers.

However, while the laser industry is developing, there is also fierce competition from the industry behind it! According to estimates, there are no less than hundreds of laser cutting machines across the country, and the scales are uneven. At present, these manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Wuhan, Guangdong, Shandong and Jiangsu. Except for these few places, manufacturers in other regions are relatively scattered, so I won't talk about them one by one.

For the majority of customers, buying equipment will shop around. Therefore, competition among peers is definitely indispensable! Equipment buyers only care about the configuration, but the price and after-sales service, which is also the competition point of major manufacturers. Price competition is common in peer competition. When you consult the same power equipment, there may be a price difference of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. People who don’t understand may think that manufacturers with high quotations are too unreliable. Do they want to cheat me if the price is so high? Here I suggest that friends who want to buy equipment ask a few more, ask about the configuration of each company and then compare the prices, so that you will suffer less.

When it comes to configuration and technology, many people may say that lasers are owned by others. For you manufacturers, it is nothing more than to assemble them together. No technology is required at all. . Yes, from the appearance, it is indeed the case. So many people think that the laser cutting machine industry has a low threshold and high profits, and it can be done by just a few people. However, how many are made and how many are sold.

There are many manufacturers as mentioned above, and the equipment they make are sold very cheaply. Of course, the spare parts and machine tools used are very poor. Manufacturers like this generally do not have a long-term sustainable development strategy or core technology. They do some low-end things, and simple assembly is okay. If they are asked to study some high-tech things without professional talents, they will not be able to make good equipment if they are given the same parts and components.

In addition to lasers, machine tools are equally important for a piece of equipment. The same lasers and equipment made by different manufacturers can be used for several years without any major problems. Some have problems every day. Not to mention the editor, everyone should be able to understand the reason. What's more pitted is that there is a malfunction, and even the manufacturer can't solve this problem. It was the buyer himself who was injured. Not only did the money for the equipment go in, but it also delayed their own production.

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