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Suggested interpretation of laser cutting machine purchase method

by:VENTECH     2021-12-15

Laser cutting machines used for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, copper and other metal materials are very practical. In recent years, many large, medium and small enterprises will deploy a laser cutting machine. machine. How do users choose such a laser cutting machine? Which brand is good when choosing? In this way, Hongte laser cutting machine manufacturers will come to popularize science one by one.

How to buy brand laser cutting machine

1. The power of the laser cutting machine. The thickness of the materials to be processed in various metal processing products industries is different, and the power of the equipment used is different. Therefore, the first choice for purchasing is to choose equipment that matches its power and voltage before it can be put into use.

2. Regardless of whether the shell of the brand laser cutting machine is inside or outside, the corresponding parameters will be printed on the nameplate. Such as power supply voltage, power supply nature symbol, power supply frequency, power manufacturer or trademark, etc.

3. The laser cutting machine supplied by the brand manufacturer is very standardized whether it is outer packaging or inner packaging, and the outer packaging box is clean and firm. The inner packaging comes with various manuals, certificates, warranty after-sales cards, etc. The laser cutting machine will also be equipped with corresponding accessories: air nozzles, lenses and other common consumables.

4. The interfaces of the adjacent welding parts of the laser cutting machine are seamlessly connected. There is no instability when the user uses the laser cutting machine.

5. No matter what kind of laser cutting machine, the processing capacity is better. Therefore, when pre-purchasing the equipment, you can operate it on site to see if the processing capacity is sufficient.

6. The noise decibel of the laser cutting machine should be small, generally 65-70d is normal, of course, the lower the better.

7. When purchasing a laser cutting machine, ask the seller or manufacturer whether there is any testing certification for related equipment, such as ios certification.

Laser cutting machine brand interpretation

The reputation of laser cutting machines produced by domestic factories is getting better year after year. Many equipments are sold abroad, replacing most of the imported laser cutting machines used in various industries. The main brands are Hongte and so on. These brands are characterized by a long settling time, have their own production team and after-sales team, and provide good services in all aspects. The laser cutting machines produced are continuously optimized, and the prices are relatively reasonable and stable.

No matter which brand of laser cutting machine you choose, as long as you consider these points, you can buy good equipment.

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