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Still using laser as a selling point? You're out, laser technology has long been a standard for automobile manufacturing

by:VENTECH     2022-02-04

For most people, when talking about laser, the first thing they think of is laser beauty and laser vision correction. Even though laser technology has been used in the industrial field for more than 50 years, people still think that laser is a mysterious black technology.

The use of laser technology in the automotive field has also become a big gimmick for major manufacturers.

However, Mr. Laser wants to say that laser technology has long been a standard in automobile manufacturing. It is difficult to find a car that does not use laser technology in a new car!

If you don’t believe me, look at this picture, as large as the white body, B-pillar, as small as the fuel injector and piston ring, there are lasers in each.

Not much to say, continue to the picture above

Laser welding-car body in white, parts

Laser welding of automobile body-in-white roof

Laser welding of cylinder head gasket

In the mid-1990s, BMW used laser welding robots to complete the first welding seam of BMW5 series cars, with a total length of 12m. As of July 2003, the total length of laser welding welds reached 1.5 million meters.

In addition, many domestic automobile brands have also adopted laser welding technology, such as the welding of the top body of the Dongfeng Peugeot 508 model of Dongfeng Peugeot 508 undertaken by Huagong Laser.

Currently, as a consumer, to judge whether a car is laser welded, you can observe the car roof. The laser welded appearance is more beautiful, the lines are smooth and neat, and the overall texture is good. Generally speaking, spot welding is used for sealing strips, and laser welding is used for sealing strips.

Laser cutting-thermoformed parts, parts

Three-dimensional laser cutting of automotive thermoformed parts

Laser cutting of automobile gear shift cover

Laser cutting of automobile fuel injectors

Laser cutting is one of the main laser applications. Laser cutting in the automotive industry includes flat sheet cutting and three-dimensional cutting. The application range of surface sheet cutting includes: automobile parts, automobile body, automobile door frame, automobile trunk, automobile roof cover and other aspects.

The application of 3D laser cutting technology in the automobile manufacturing industry is mainly in the design and manufacture of automobile body, which is widely used in the development of new models, the production of deformed cars, or the cutting of prototype car parts and body panels. Cutting holes, trimming, cutting steering wheel holes, windshields, roof cover brackets, etc. For example, the AUTOBOT3015 3D laser cutting machine for automobile thermoforming parts of Huagong Laser is a three-dimensional and five-axis laser processing equipment specially developed for the automobile thermoforming line industry.

Laser marking-parts traceability

Laser marking of automobile brake pads

Laser marking of automobile engine camshaft

Current applications of laser marking machines in the automotive industry include auto parts, engines, label paper (flexible labels), etc. Among them, laser bar codes and QR codes are often used for auto parts traceability, which not only satisfies the entire The requirements of the recall system for defective products of vehicles have also realized the collection of parts information and quality traceability, which has important special significance for the current automobile manufacturing industry.

As the earliest domestic laser company that pays attention to the automotive industry, HG Laser has been able to integrate powerful database support and networking functions into the marking software for this demand of auto parts companies, which can be integrated with the entire car. The database network of the machine and component manufacturers realizes seamless linking, which can automatically complete the establishment of the marking information database, and the functions of communicating with the upstream and downstream databases to realize the whole process of product tracking.

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