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Stable performance analysis process of metal laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-03-10
Whether the stable performance of metal laser cutting machine is outstanding, many manufacturers pay more attention to it. The common metal laser cutting machine on the market is mainly composed of main machine, guide rail, rack and pinion or ball screw, transmission mechanism and other components.
The main body of the metal laser cutting machine is composed of a beam and two longitudinal end frames. The machine gantry is composed of an end frame and a cross beam. The cross beam adopts a rectangular square tube structure, which is tempered to remove internal stress, and has high strength and rigidity. Multiple mobile trolleys can be installed on the cross beam. The horizontal movement device adopts towline.

The mechanical part of the metal laser cutting machine realizes high-precision rack and pinion transmission. The guide rail is made of high-precision special imported guide rails. The precision-processed sliding guide rails are fastened on a concrete or steel frame foundation with a support. There are adjusting bolts for easy installation and adjustment. The longitudinal drive system is installed in the longitudinal end frame, and the low position design makes the transmission more reasonable and stable.

There are two rolling wheels at the bottom of the longitudinal end frame of the laser cutting machine, which can smoothly roll along the guide rail. The front and rear ends are equipped with guide rail scrapers to ensure that there is no debris on the guide rail surface. Both sides of the bottom are equipped with guiding eccentric clamping wheels. In order to ensure the guidance accuracy of the machine, the laser cutting machine is equipped with high-strength linear guides (transverse transmission or high-precision precision grinding guide Longitudinal and lateral transmission accuracy and eliminate the gap.

The matching of the accessories of the metal laser cutting machine also has a certain relationship. The matching of accessories is reasonable and scientific. Not only can the cutting machine be used to achieve particularly excellent performance, but also the configuration price can be scientifically reduced, and the product cost-effective. Wuxi Qingyuan laser cutting machine, Professional supplier of metal cutting solutions and selection of accessory brands ensure that the laser cutting machine maintains good stability and work efficiency under long-term work.
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