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Specification for the use of fiber laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-03-07

We all know that there are many cutting manufacturers on the market. The work of these manufacturers is to cut various materials into relative parts. Compared with the traditional cutting work, the cutting accuracy of fiber laser cutting machines is higher. , And the material loss caused is very small, suitable for use by different manufacturers.

1. During the working process of the machine, the operator must observe the working condition of the machine at any time, and it is strictly forbidden for the operator to leave.
2. Follow the machine's power-on sequence: turn on the water pump first, then turn on the air pump power switch, then the workbench panel switch, then turn on the laser switch. When shutting down, turn off the laser switch first, then turn off the power switch, and then turn off the water pump .
3. When processing the workpiece, the smoke exhaust and blowing equipment must be turned on to avoid the smoke and dust from polluting the focusing lens and reflecting lens, otherwise it will affect the focusing and reflection of the lens, thereby indirectly affecting the processing strength and processing accuracy.
4. Cleaning the reflective lens and focusing lens: pinch the reflective lens with two fingers, dip the camera lens cleaning paper into the cleaning liquid with the other hand, and gently drag it across the surface of the lens. Do not press the lens with your fingers to avoid scratches; or Dip a cotton swab into the camera lens cleaning solution and gently wipe the focusing lens until it is smooth.
5. Formal processing. For materials that have not been seen before, the principle of power from low to high should be followed.
6. When changing the water of the laser cutting machine, use clean water pipes or basins. Do not use oily basins to avoid oily dirt on the inner wall of the laser tube, which should seriously affect the life of the laser tube.

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