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sparks from welding machine caused esic fire: police

by:VENTECH     2020-03-06
The fire at the ESIC Hospital in Marol, which had claimed the lives of 10 people as of Thursday, was ignited by sparks flying from the welder and landed on a pile of rubber mats, police investigations showed.
Police are trying to track down and arrest two welders who have been missing since the day of the fire.
The fire broke out in the new ground.
The construction building of the hospital spread to the old building on Monday.
Fire and smoke caused panic among patients, many of whom were injured while trying to escape the hospital.
On Wednesday, MIDC police arrested the site supervisor and his assistant hired by the Supreme construction company, which received a construction contract.
According to police, \"there is no safety equipment\" and the company\'s failure to take security measures is the main cause of the tragedy and the high number of deaths.
Deputy Commissioner of Police, navhendra Reddy (Zone X)
He said, \"two welders are doing welding work, installing air-conditioning pipes on the first floor of the new building, and they are now wanted.
Sparks from the welder kept falling on a large stack of rubber pads stored on the first floor, triggering a fire. ”Mr.
After about 30 to 40 stacks of cushions rose in flames, the smoke spread to old buildings, causing panic among patients, Reddy said.
Police say the main responsibility lies in the tallest building. Mr.
Reddy said, \"there was a fire in the new building that was being built and not put into use.
It is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure the safety of the building in the event of fire and other possible situations.
No fire safety equipment on site.
We will ask the hospital authorities.
\"The police have called to ask the hospital officials and staff to find out if any negligence caused the fire.
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