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softwear automation has a cure for what ails fashion retail

by:VENTECH     2020-02-27
Fashion business model, vertical integration, strong inventory management system and other supplies
Chain Strategy is a solution for today\'s fashion retail industry.
Alper Sen summed up the schallenges of the industry in the Journal of International Production economics, \"the product life cycle of the fashion industry is short, the product range is wide, the demand is changeable and unpredictable,
\"The current efforts to fix the current supply chain of fashion, such as inventory management and demand forecasting, are only an auxiliary means, provide temporary relief to the industry ecosystem that is not suitable for the consumer\'s demand for a unique look, but there is no durable treatment, as few people wear this look faster.
Rick Darling, executive director of Lifeng, said at the Mazars 2017 Consumer Goods Forum in New York on November, \"the number of Amazon, the number of Cole, the number of Messi, each style is declining, and their number of SKUs is expanding, some are more extreme than others.
This is not driven by their choice to control inventory, but by faster and more unique demands from consumers than in the past.
\"While these solutions are very much needed, they still don\'t find the right clothes, the right style, the right customer, and where and when he or she wants them.
Even reduce the cycle time to 4-to-
Zara, ASOS, and booboove are reported to be six weeks from design philosophy to instore availability, not fast enough as customers move on.
As anyone in the fashion industry knows, the result is a lot of excess inventory, and unless it is deeply marked down for sale, the customer doesn\'t want it, it becomes wasted.
According to The Guardian, potential product waste accounts for 3-
The output of 5% per Fashion factory can add up to 80-
100b clothing worldwide every year.
The cost of low efficiency in the industry can be seen everywhere, but it is largely incalculable.
This is a mature industry that can be fundamentally subversive. Palaniswamy, Chairman and ceo of Atlanta, \"Raj\" Rajan-
Software-based automation is bringing it.
Its patented Sewbot is a robotic sewing production line that takes fashion automation to a new level, what Rajan calls digital manufacturing.
\"The fundamental problem with today\'s fashion retailing is that there are wrong products at the wrong time and there is an oversupply,\" Rajan said . \".
\"To produce this product, the industry will look overseas.
They\'re chasing cheap labor.
But for low search
He added that cost manufacturing is not sustainable because of the growing middle class
Labor costs in countries like China and India are rising.
\"If we can make goods in the United States at the same cost as overseas, and most of the cost is labor, then why don\'t you make them here?
He asked, which in turn would significantly reduce the time required for goods from the factory to the retail floor and in the hands of customers.
\"With our technology, we are supporting the local supply chain. ”More made-in-
American clothing is exactly what American consumers want, Rajan said, but the US government also wants all service uniforms to be \"made of fiber to complete American materials and labor \".
Defense Advanced Research and Planning Bureau of the Ministry of Defense (DARPA)
After years of research and development at Georgia Tech, grants and Wal-Mart Foundation grants provided original funding for the company\'s launch.
CTW risk partners representing the world-changing and CTW Risk Partners managing partners for Rajan added $7.
5 million from the Vault
SoftWear first shipped commercial products to high-end producers in 2015
Towels and bath towels are basic items for families.
Since then, software engineers have developed the ability to handle more advanced sewing operations, including t-
Shirts, most of which are sewing jeans, are now uppers.
But he described these as baby steps.
Consumer demandto-Custom size
The vision of Fast soft is further expanded.
\"Imagine if you have designed a variety of styles online in the last 50 years, people can buy whatever they want and in 2-3 days? On-demand, made-to-
\"Measuring clothing is \'POLARIS, \'and Sewbot is an anchor,\" Rajan said . \". China-
Tianyuan-based clothing company has acquired the vision.
It is building a factory in Little Rock, Arkansas, where it will produce t-
Adidas shirt
It is scheduled to open this year and will be equipped with Sewbots capable of manufacturing 1. 2m t-
The cost of the shirt for a year is almost the same as the production at sea, but the shipping time and cost are greatly reduced.
\"A flexible local supply chain is a solution to the ills that plague the retail fashion business,\" he argues . \".
As the technology evolves over the next 10 years, Rajan expects fashion brands to have the potential to sell a wide range of styles indefinitely through its digital manufacturing platform.
Therefore, consumers will be able to purchase customized
Make Fashion directly through a combination of e-commerce retailers or \"retail e-commerce\", the store is a showroom for customers to touch, feel and try the style, customize the appearance, press the button, it will be delivered to their home within 48 hours.
\"This will squeeze the retail supply chain.
The inventory is zero and the batch is 1.
You can\'t do this overseas.
\"We have achieved seamless business from manufacturing to retail,\" he explained . \".
Many other companies are lining up at the door of SoftWear, hoping to investigate how it can enhance their supply chain and increase profits.
But Rajan has a legal obligation to protect who.
\"If you walk past the mall, half of the brands and retailers you see are talking to us, but I can\'t tell you which half,\" he joked . \".
Today\'s baby steps, giant rowrick Helfenbein, president and CEO of the American Apparel and Footwear Association, confirmed that factory automation has become a radar for many members, but it is widely used
Adoption still exists.
\"It brings challenges.
In particular, it is difficult for the machine to handle fabrics that are tortuous and stretched in irregular directions.
Nevertheless, there are still some promising studies with the result of being able to produce products faster and closer to the final market, thus reducing transportation and other costs.
Rajan agrees with this, \"there are still products that have to be produced manually\", but this is higher in the value chain.
Now, SoftWear focuses on the basics of clothing, such as t-
Shirts and jeans make up most of the American wardrobe today.
\"Americans buy 3. 1b t-
One shirt a year, or 10 T-shirts
Shirt per capita.
We are now pursuing a big market.
We will make other products later.
\"Future software company Rajan\'s vision for the fashion industry is to improve efficiency and profits through technology, and he said that workers around the world have been improving their living standards, and help solve the resulting waste and pollution, which is the third largest pollution industry in the world.
\"We want to improve the well-being of the world and technology can be the driving force in this area,\" he said . \".
\"People always need clothes, but people don\'t need to be abused so we can afford cheap clothes. ”Custom-fit, custom-styled, custom-
Made ear Automation will provide consumers with products that fashion retailers can offer in the near future.
The result will be an efficient business model with little storage or inventory, with customers happier and more profitable.
Rajan and SoftWear Automation have solutions, \"the only way to solve the problem that bothers the fashion industry is --
Demand manufacturing.
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