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Six common application industries of laser cutting machines

by:VENTECH     2022-01-22

At present, fiber laser cutting machines have gradually become popular in China's major metal processing industries, so which industries are the mainstream applications in?

Hongte Laser tells you:

1. Automotive industry. Many corners in the automotive industry, such as car doors, car exhaust pipes, etc., need to be processed after they are formed. If manual labor is used, the accuracy is difficult to achieve at first, and the efficiency is much lower. The robot laser cutting machine can be processed in batches quickly.

2. Advertising industry. The advertising industry has a lot of customization and traditional methods are very inefficient. The laser cutting machine will satisfy you no matter how thick the sheet is, no matter how many fonts.

3. Kitchenware industry. Now there are more and more houses, more and more decorations, and the demand for kitchen-related products is increasing. The laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting thin stainless steel, with high speed, high precision and high satisfaction, and it can realize customized and personalized product development. , Won the favorite of kitchenware manufacturers.

4. Sheet metal processing. Simply put, processing is a variety of sheets, a variety of different graphics cutting parts, the characteristics of laser cutting machines are developing in full swing in this industry.

5. Cabinet industry. Including power distribution cabinets, file cabinets, etc., all of which are standardized production of thin plates and require efficiency. It is more suitable to use a four-station or six-station laser cutting machine with high efficiency. It can also be cut in double layers for certain plates.

6. Fitness equipment. As the country attaches importance to sports health and the development of personal health concepts. Square fitness equipment and home fitness equipment have gradually developed, and the demand has gradually increased. Basically, some pipes are cut, and it is more convenient and quick to use a pipe laser cutting machine.

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