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Shop around, the owner of the processing station chooses the Huagong Laser MARVEL laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-02-05

Look at the brand, the price, and the after-sales service... For you, is choosing a laser cutting machine comparable to buying a house? The difference is that buying a house depends on grabbing, but buying a laser cutting machine is picking.

There are tens of thousands of laser cutting machine manufacturers across the country. The technical strength and after-sales service are uneven. For consumers, it is more than just shopping around, and it is almost necessary to show the strength of choosing son-in-law. Really buy high-quality, low-cost and guaranteed equipment.

The protagonist of this article, Boss Mei, runs a sheet metal processing station and needs to buy a laser cutting machine. After comparing laser cutting machines of different brands, he finally chose the HG Laser MARVEL series laser cutting machine .

Shop around the three MARVEL series to stand out

In April this year, Mr. Mei from Foshan, Guangdong planned to buy a laser cutting machine for metal material processing. Facing the dazzling array of laser cutting machines on the market, how to choose a cost-effective equipment has become a difficult problem for him.

“After all, it’s the first time to buy an optical fiber cutting machine. I can’t figure out the details of each brand and dare not start it easily.” Boss Mei said that in order to choose the ideal equipment, he went to a number of laser cutting machine manufacturers to conduct field visits. There are domestic, foreign and joint ventures.

After on-site inspection and equipment proofing, Boss Mei finally chose to purchase a MARVEL series 3000W fiber laser cutting machine.

The first choice for flexible and efficient metal processing is MARVEL

As we all know, the sheet metal processing industry is highly competitive and requires laser cutting equipment with high work efficiency and stable performance.

As a well-known supplier of domestic laser equipment, HG Laser MARVEL series fiber laser cutting machine, with its excellent performance, high efficiency, low consumption, and high cost performance, has been highly recognized by Mr. Mei.

'The processing speed is fast, and the performance has always been very stable. Up to now, there has been no downtime, and the operating system is also very convenient.' After using for a period of time, Mr. The performance is full of praise, 'The performance of MARVEL laser cutting machine is really good. It is worthwhile to investigate so many laser cutting machine manufacturers. Facts have proved that shopping around is worth it!'

At present, MARVEL series fiber laser cutting machine is participating in the anniversary event of Huagong Laser's official mall. From now until July 18, you can get the iPhoneX purchase award if you want to buy it. Search for Huagong Laser Learn more about the event in the official mall, and join Boss Mei on the road to prosperity.

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